20 Rural Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons In 2023

The 20 Rural Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons In 2023

If you’ve never played Animal Crossing, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the last 20 years. And if you’re still reading this article, then I’m sure that makes you smart. Consider adding 20 Rural Island Ideas For Animal Crossing and keep on scrolling down to find out 20 ideas for rural island homes in Animal Crossing New Leaf!

Rustic, shabby-chic, bouffant, or rustic….

Whatever you call the rustic aesthetic, there is something very comfortable about escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and opting for something simpler.

Try giving your island a new look with these rustic decorating ideas. I am sure your villagers will appreciate the peace and quiet of your pastoral paradise.

20. Mountain Village

20 Rural Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons In 2023
Image source by @vivs_arts

Terraforming is new to ACNH, but many designers have already mastered this feature to create the illusion of a comfortable valley village nestled in the mountains.

To achieve a similar look, make two layers of rock, but leave most of your city on the base layer.

Then add numerous wooden ramps and rocky paths leading to your central plaza. You can set up your business or even a small market.

And finally, to build village houses on the cliffs.

This makes your residential areas seem more remote and isolated, like a real mountain village. Billy, Chevre, Nan, Sherb, and Pashmina will feel right at home!

19. Gardens And Farms

Rural Island Ideas For Animal Crossing
Image source @kevoteh2

No rural area is completely agricultural, whether it’s an orchard or neatly plowed rows.

Instead of planting fruit trees scattered around the island, try to place them close together (but more than one place apart) to create your own orchard.

Custom landscaping can give your yard the look of garden rows with small shoots. You can also swap painted beach balls to make juicy watermelons in the summer, or add a wider variety of pumpkins to the pumpkin patch in the fall.

18. Garden House

Garden House
McCarmy Image Source

Gardening is a common pastime in the countryside.

And for some, it’s their livelihood.

Help your villagers work their small garden plots by adding a small barn to your town where your neighbors can borrow trowels, seeds, and watering cans.

This player cleverly used fish dryers on a rock behind two simple slabs to make his own hut, then added cushions shaped like a seed bag, a wheelbarrow, and a pump to quickly fill the hole with water.

17. Rama Shop

Rama Shop
Image source by @sulky.cross

Is there an entire village in Japan without a small ramen shop?

I think we all want to have our own facility and serve big bowls of steamed, tasty noodles.

This charming roadside restaurant is so rich in small details that it’s almost impossible to see everything.

From the sign to the stickers on the electricity pole, you can almost smell the bubbling hot shoyu broth.

It also shows another creative use of bricks to make buildings, with an attic to display boxes on the second floor, a clothesline, and even a carp in a tank!

16. Village Clothing

Village Clothing In Animal Crossing
Image Source by @acnhfason

You can’t walk around the countryside in city clothes. Well, you can, but we’re going to the country!

Dress up with cute outfits and matching accessories.

If you’re new to design, opt for neutrals, pastels, and florals for a modern take on a rustic fireplace. Or you can go straight from Anne of Green Gables, with oversized bows, button sleeves, and lots of buttons.

With a straw hat, an umbrella, and a basket to pick fresh flowers, you’ll be ready for a long walk through your small town.

15. Communication Rooms

Communication Rooms In Animal Crossing
Image source: gabsutas

Unlike the Saturday KK Slider concerts, it’s hard to get all the neighbors in the same place to enjoy the sunshine.

You can now provide your villagers with a central meeting place. So that everyone knows where to meet, for example. For example, in a public park, an outdoor library, or perhaps a cafe in the woods.

Spend a lot of time making this space comfortable and fun with items that promote a sense of community. Things like benches, picnic tables, snacks, and things to read.

14. Simple Card Layout

Simple Card Layout In Animal Crossing
Moonshade: Image Source

Maybe you like living on a rural island, but don’t want to terraform, move your buildings, redesign your paths…..

So don’t make it hard on yourself!

It is very difficult to create a creative layout for a card. And it takes a lot of trial and error. Instead of focusing on exactly where to place the stone or how many squares you need to build a moon pond, make better use of the space you already have.

There is no one right way to be your island’s advisor.

So spend your time doing what you love.

If a complete renovation of your island from scratch is not for you, try some ideas from this simpler design.

Some of the simpler standard maps are a good basis for a rural island. Then you can focus on planting lots of trees, connecting with your neighbors, and decorating your mansion in Shabbat style.

13. Stone Roads

Stone Roads In Animal Crossing
Image source by Scriptograms

Stone walkways are an easy way to give your island a rustic, country look.

The stones are beautiful, of course.

But overgrown rocks have that little something more that gives your trails and paths a little more personality.

This island feature is trendy, so you will find a wide range of ready-made QR codes.

You can have mossy cobblestones, flowery gravel paths, and uneven rock ledges…. There is something for every village.

12. Rural Lakes And Ponds

Rural Lakes And Ponds In Animal Crossing
Image source by @KrisWoodfine

Between the sea and the rivers, there are many places to fish.

But a picturesque pond can really give your island a rustic feel.

You can make shapes like hearts or crescents that will serve as the centerpiece of your village.

Then build a bike path with fountains and benches to create a small park in the middle of the city.

Another option is to put the lake in a quiet corner and put a quilt over it. Add a basket, flowers and pillows to this space to create an impromptu picnic area with neighbors and visitors.

11. Space

Space In Animal Crossing
Honeymoon Image Source

It’s tempting to fill every inch of your island with all the decorations Animal Crossing has to offer: New Horizons has a lot to offer… but don’t overdo it!

Part of the charm of living in the country is the presence of empty spaces, and there are plenty of them.

Some empty spaces can be a place where your athletic villagers can run or a place where lazy villagers can sleep.

Or so your grumpy villagers can be alone when their particularly angry neighbor won’t shut up …..

Plus, it’s always nice to free up a plot for the next inspiration!

10. Decorated Yards

Decorated Yards In Animal Crossing
Image source from acnhstarby

One of the best things about living in the country is that there is plenty of room for a lawn patio in your decorating choices.

You can stick to the rustic design, as in this example, by choosing natural-looking furniture, such as a wood pile or an old-fashioned bathtub.

If you prefer a country style, the Mush outdoor furniture collection is reminiscent of little houses tucked away in the woods.

Set up a dining area with a table and stools in the shape of a mushroom and invite your friends into your garden for a cup of tea or a sunset dinner.

9. Rural Waterfalls

Rural Waterfalls In Animal Crossing
Image source @sprutmory

Even if you’re not a fan of terraforming, it’s tempting to build waterfalls to accentuate your natural island theme.

Mountain villages, the French countryside, and farmland all benefit from the favorable location of the falls.

I love the two-level cliffs on this island, which form two tiers of waterfalls under the bridge. It would be the perfect place to cool off on a hot day or to stargaze during a meteor shower.

8. Secret Location

Secret Location In Animal Crossing
image source: skwivr

As you paint your landscape, find places to hide.

It can be a natural clearing in a grove of trees or a beach lounge hidden off the coast.

But the secret corner is always welcome.

You can also use your terraforming skills to carve out rocks and create fun coves with your favorite items or build a secret library full of first-edition novels.

If you are a gracious person, then the secret studio can offer you a balanced rural and outdoor lifestyle without compromising your privacy.

7. Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ Market In Animal Crossing
image source by @hugsy_crossing

After a long day’s work on your land, earn the fruits of your labor….. Cold, hard clocks.

The open-air market is a rural area where people get fresh produce and farmers make a profit.

But unless Nook’s Cranny opens kiosks for other businesses to sell their products, you’ll have to build your own storefront.

The best part is that you can expand your product selection to include all kinds of crafts.

The corporate tester has created his own space with an assortment of clothing, shoes, desserts, trinkets, and flowers.

6. Stop

Stop In Animal Crossing
Image source by @keju.cross

While it could easily fit in with most of the ideas on our list, a small country bus stop is a cute way to spruce up bare spots on your island.

It could be simpler, with a few chairs under the awning.

Or, if you’re more experienced, design an accurate route map, install vending machines, lighting for night riders, and a city clock to keep everyone informed.

5. Japanese Village Square

Japanese Village Square In Animal Crossing
Image source by @sai_crossing

Anyone who has ever seen a Studio Ghibli film (or a small-town anime script) knows how charming Japanese rural villages can be.

Many of the island’s designers prefer the Edo period aesthetic with hot springs, dry gardens, and rustic shrines.

Others prefer the Roman Taisho style, with elaborate vintage kimonos, paper lanterns, and pagodas shining in the landscape.

Whatever era you choose for your Japanese village, be sure to research color palettes, clothing patterns, and examples to give your island a more realistic look.

4. Outerwear

Outerwear In Animal Crossing
Image source by @maja.cross

During the hot, dry months, it’s not uncommon for laundry to dry on the line.

Because why wouldn’t you want your favorite outfit to smell like sunshine and a summer breeze?

You can make your own natural dryer with Tom Nook’s recipe using ten tree branches. Then use the customization kit to choose from five different options that reflect the personal style of your rustic, from well-dressed farmhouse clothes to crisp white linens.

3. Pink Village

Pink Village In Animal Crossing

I may be a little biased because my favorite color is pink, but this pink village is absolutely adorable!

This pattern is perfect for sakura season when the leaves on your trees turn into cherry blossoms.

Even the local fruits of this designer island fit perfectly into the color palette, adding peach needles to the green fruit trees.

The pink spots add a certain sheen to this natural scene but don’t seem out of place. And the natural rocks in the shape of clouds fit perfectly with the rest of the island’s beauty.

2. Flower Fields

Flower Fields In Animal Crossing
image source by @NilaCrossing

To easily fill an empty lot in your village, design a project around a freshly planted field of flowers.

Whether you choose tulips, daisies, or hyacinths, the beautiful meadow enhances the rural theme and is the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities with friends.

You can use your NookPhone to create custom templates to match the plant species that populate your island.

Sunflowers are a classic option and add a bright yellow hue to the rest of your design.

1. Village Kitchen

Village Kitchen In Animal Crossing
image source PegasusWrangler

If you are from out of state, delivery and takeout are generally not an option.

So there’s a lot happening in the kitchen!

Give your ACNH character a great place to cook with classic rustic elements in the kitchen, like a wood stove, candles for light, and lots of plants to brighten the space.

You can even make delicious baked goods for your table using the QR codes on the glittery hat….. After all, no kitchen is complete without something delicious to share with friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Should I Build On My Animal Crossing Island?

Decorate boxes, beekeeping gnomes, lights, a well, pots, a scarecrow, and a bench. You add a tablet table for tea and flower, this will add up your points, and you can attract lots of bugs with flower lots of flowers placement.

Q2. How Can I Promote My ACNH Island?

Putting up land for sale can help to increase people on animal crossing.

Q3. What Do You Need For A 5-star Island?

At least a 665 score for the Development category and Scenery category is required 450 to acquire a 5-star island rating.


These are only a few of the many possibilities for rural islands in Animal Crossing. The key is to experiment and have fun with your island because there are no wrong answers when it comes to design. Whether you want a sprawling metropolis or a cozy farmhouse, there’s an option for everyone (and every animal). Thanks for reading, and happy designing!

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