5 best remote desktop solutions with high frame rates

Splashtop is another robust solution that provides fast and secure remote access to high-end, demanding workstations.

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This software allows you to remotely access any workstation with resources and processing capabilities as if you were sitting at that computer.

Splashtop also enables 4K streaming at 40 frames per second (fps) with low latency. It also reduces the CPU load, so you can open even more applications.

It also features an encoding and decoding engine optimized to take advantage of the latest hardware acceleration from Intel, NVIDIA and AMD.

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TeamViewer is probably one of the most used and well known remote desktop applications in the world. It was launched in 2005 and offers support in over 30 languages.

Automatic resolution scaling allows you to connect to a remote computer with ultra-high resolution. Allows you to adjust the display of the PC.

In addition, if an external computer is connected to multiple UHD monitors, you can display them side by side or switch to display exactly the monitor you want.

TeamViewer is an excellent remote desktop utility that allows you to access and view high resolution computers from your screen with maximum performance.

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Parsec is another remote desktop solution designed for gamers. It uses a proprietary peer-to-peer network protocol called BUD (Better User Datagrams).

This protocol is optimized for low-latency video transmissions and allows for rapid adaptation to packet loss and congestion. This is the cornerstone of Parsec’s core technologies.

Moreover, it is a secure software that supports the best available security features of DTLS 1.2 and AES128 or AES256 encryption, which is included in every packet sent over the Internet.

Fine-tuning technology allows for 60 frames per second on UHD displays, so you can play all your games from any device with no lag or delays.

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These are the best remote desktop software with high frame rate during the session. You can use them all if you want access to a computer with a high screen resolution.

If you work from home, you need apps for remote connection, project management tools and more. To find them all, check out our guide to the best telecommuting software.

Tell us which ones you like, or if you have a suggestion, share it in the comments section below.

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