Best FileLinked Codes for August 2022 (New Codes Added Daily)

Best FileLinked Codes for August 2022 (New Codes Added Daily)

We have added a section on how to input your own files to the website. Get in touch with us if you want your code here and we will gladly add it!

If you find the best file-linked codes for August 2022 (New Codes Added Daily) here, you will get the latest information on the best file linked codes. The new codes are added daily so you should always update it now. So go ahead and take a look.

Not much news to report here. The only new codes added to the file linked list in July are Dreamscape, which gives you 1,000 free coins in the casino; and Roll On, which gives you 50 percent off any roller coaster at Six Flags.

Best FileLinked Codes for August 2022 (New Codes Added Daily)

This page contains affiliate links, which may result in TROYPOINT receiving a commission at no additional cost to you. Due to specific arrangements made for our guests, you will often get a discount. I will never advertise a product or service that I do not personally use or recommend. Purchasing via my links directly benefits TROYPOINT, ensuring that the material and tools continue to be available. Thank you very much!

IMPORTANT NOTE: FileLinked is now unavailable. As an alternative to installing apps, we recommend following the instructions below.

FileSynced Codes at Their Finest AppLinked Codes at Their Finest Unlinked Codes at Their Finest

For Firestick/Fire TV and Android users, the following guide offers a list of the Best FileLinked Codes.

76705196, 51829986, 67664537, 95030652, 27256340, and many more in this list are the finest FileLinked codes.

This is a frequent issue we see on the TROYPOINT media sites since there are hundreds of FileLinked codes accessible.

Thousands of cord cutters utilize FileLinked codes to download and install their favorite Streaming Apps, device cleaners, modified apps, and more.

FileLinked is one of the most popular apps among Amazon Firestick/Fire TV users and Android device owners.

Cord-cutters who Jailbreak their Firestick or Android TV Boxes are particularly fond of FileLinked codes.

TROYPOINT IPVanish Save 62%

You’ll get access to thousands of apps that aren’t accessible on the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store if you use Filelinked.

Cinema APK, Aptoide, Kodi, ES File Explorer, Stremio, MX Player, and many more popular applications may be downloaded from Filelinked shops.

It’s worth noting that the Filelinked app doesn’t host or provide any downloaded applications or services.

To download and install popular apps/services from “Filelinked shops,” you’ll need Filelinked codes.

Filelinked is included in our Best APKs and Best Firestick Apps lists for all of these reasons and more.

Note: You must first install the Filelinked APK on your Streaming Device in order to access the codes below.

This may be accomplished by following our written Filelinked guide or by utilizing our Free Rapid App Installer to quickly install Filelinked.

TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer is available for free.

Rapid App Installer Small In Minutes, Install the Best Streaming Apps

Over 50 of the finest streaming applications are included in the free TROYOINT app, including the one(s) you’re going to install on this page.


Before we go into the finest Filelinked codes, let’s talk about how safe Filelinked is to use and scan the official software.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not check whether applications, services, or websites provide material that is properly licensed. Any streaming site, service, app, or addon that we own, run, or resell is not owned, operated, or resold by us. Each individual is entirely responsible for the media they access, which should only include works that are not copyright protected. TROYPOINT does not host or manage any of the apps, addons, services, or streaming sites mentioned.

Is it safe to use Filelinked?

We examined the official Filelinked APK for viruses/malware to assess the safety of Filelinked and its codes.

This scan was performed using VirusTotal, and a snapshot of the findings can be seen below.

is filelinked safe

The Filelinked APK download does not include any suspicious files or viruses, according to VirusTotal.

This isn’t to say we shouldn’t take precautions while downloading and running Filelinked applications that haven’t been validated.

When utilizing Filelinked or other apps, the easiest method to accomplish this is to use a VPN, which will protect your identity and privacy.

How to Install Best VPN on Firestick & Android

Filelinked Codes at Their Finest

I suggest bookmarking this website to be informed about the latest Filelinked Codes. For your convenience, this website is updated on a daily basis.

The list below was last updated on July 31, 2022.

These Filelinked codes, like Free Movie Streaming Sites and Torrent Sites, are constantly changing and sometimes going down.

All of the Filelinked codes mentioned below are presently functioning and available for usage as of the writing of this page.

Some Filelinked stores additionally need a pin number, which we have mentioned below if that is the case for a specific code.

The following criteria were used to rate the codes:

  • The number of apps available
  • Categories
  • Apps of Good Quality
  • Popularity in general

Warning: NEVER give up your email address for anything provided by Filelinked or any other shop you visit!

Kevin Porteous (phone: 76705196) (Pin: 3223)

best filelinked codes kevin porteous

Because of the high quality of applications, categories, and other features, the Kevin Porteous shop ranks first on our list of the finest Filelinked codes.

Aptoide, Cinema APK, APKTime, MX Player, and other famous applications are only a few examples. Kevin Porteous has a fantastic YouTube channel as well!

Over 140 apps are available.

Movies, TV programs, live TV, media players, sports, utilities, music, and more are all included in this category.

Is it necessary to use a pin? Yes

2. Stream & Tech Now – 51829986

best filelinked codes stream and tech now

Stream & Tech Now is another solid Filelinked code that provides a massive selection of apps (over 500 and counting).

Syncler, BeeTV, CineHub, Cinema APK, Nova TV, and more popular applications may be found in this shop, which is updated regularly.

Over 500 apps are available.

Movies, anime, TV programs, live TV, media players, utilities, music, and more are all included in this category.

Is it necessary to use a pin? No

3. 11039868 NxtLvlTech

nxtlvltech best filelinked codes

NxtLvlTech is another great Filelinked code to investigate, and the store’s proprietor has done an excellent job of keeping the applications up to date.

TeaTV, BeeTV, FilmPlus, Cinema APK, Morpheus TV, Pikashow, and more well-known applications may be found in this shop.

NxtLvlTech also hosts a fun podcast called “Beyond The Streams” with fellow Youtuber Rohas Reviews.

Over 300 apps are available.

Movies, TV shows, media players, music, animation, and utilities are among the categories.

Is it necessary to use a pin? No

4. 67664537 – Stream it All

stream it all filelinked store

Stream it All has a popular Filelinked shop with over 230 applications in a variety of genres.

Smart YouTube TV, Media Lounge, Strix, UK Turks, Cinema APK, Weyd, and more applications are available in this Filelinked shop.

There are around 230 apps available.

TV programs, movies, music, tools, live TV, and media players are among the categories.

Is it necessary to use a pin? No

5. 27256340 – Dr. Venture

dr venture filelinked store

Dr Venture has been running and maintaining the Filelinked shop for many years, and there are now over 130 applications in various categories.

Kodi, Rokkr, Puffin TV, ES File Explorer, Nova TV, FreeFlix, and more popular applications may be found in this shop.

Over 130 apps are available.

Live TV, movies, TV shows, anime, media players, social media, and tools are among the categories covered.

Is it necessary to use a pin? No

71607934 – FireTVSticks

firetvsticks filelinked code

The Filelinked shop on FireTVSticks is jam-packed with great streaming applications, utilities, browsers, and media players.

Peacock TV APK, Morpheus TV, FilmPlus, FunPlay, Sofa TV, Stremio, and more popular apps may be found in this shop.

Over 200 apps are available.

Ad blockers, tools, online browsers, movies, TV programs, live TV, and media players are among the categories.

Is it necessary to use a pin? No

95030652 – Reviews on This and That

reviews on this and that filelinked store

Reviews on This and That is a YouTube channel with a thriving Filelinked shop.

BeeTV, Cinema HD, Crackle, Nova TV, YouTube Vanced, FX File Explorer, VirusTotal, and many more popular applications may be found in this shop.

Over 270 apps are available.

Movies, sports, live TV, Kodi, TV programs, media players, and online browsers are among the categories.

Is it necessary to use a pin? No

8. NewTech Evolution – +44 (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) (Pin: 9898)

newtech filelinked store

One of the longest-running Filelinked codes in recent memory has been maintained by NewTech Evolution.

MX Player, ATV launcher, Mouse Toggle, XUMO, Typhoon TV, CucoTV, TeaTV, Cinema HD, and more notable applications may be found in this shop.

Over 100 apps are available.

Movies, TV shows, launchers, online browsers, Kodi, live TV, and tools are among the categories.

Is it necessary to use a pin? Yes

8. Electrical MD – +44 (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) (0)

electrical md filelinked store

Another YouTuber on this list is Electrical MD, who also runs a crowded Filelinked shop.

Apps like Viva TV, SD Maid, Fast Task Killer, Oreo TV, VLC, AstonCine, Cinema HD, BeeTV, and others may be found in this shop.

There are more than 50 apps available.

Movies, live TV, TV shows, tools, and media players are among the categories.

Is it necessary to use a pin? No

32364318 – iTrustStream

itruststream filelinked code

Due to its large number of applications, iTrustStream comes in last in our list of the best Filelinked codes.

Plex Media Server, Tubi, ZiniTevi, IPTV Smarters, Cinema APK, BeeTV, MX Player, and more applications may be found in this Filelinked shop.

Over 120 apps are available.

Live TV, media servers, TV programs, movies, IPTV players, and tools are some of the categories.

Is it necessary to use a pin? No


Your identifying IP address is made public, and it may be traced back to you through your Internet Service Provider.

IPVanish VPN will encrypt your connection and hide your IP address, making you completely anonymous.


Money-back guarantee for 30 days

The IPVanish VPN Firestick/Android Box Tutorial may be found here.

Filelinked Stores (Honorable Mention)

We decided to add a few more excellent shops even if these Filelinked coupons didn’t make our top ten list.

33627466 is the phone number for Stream Doctor.

stream doctor filelinked store

76908483 EzzerMac Build (Pin: 2010)

ezzermac filelinked store


web safety tips filelinked

How Do I Get Rid of Filelinked Codes?

After you’ve added all of these Filelinked codes to your device, you should remove them on a regular basis to clear up space.

Buffering on the Firestick may be avoided by clearing space/memory inside applications like this.

To delete codes in Filelinked, follow the simple procedures shown below.

1. Go to Filelinked’s main page and choose My Codes.

After adding all of these Filelinked codes to your device, it's important to delete them every so often to free up valuable space.

2. Your Code History will be visible. Select the trash can icon from the drop-down menu.

You will notice your Code History. Click the trash can icon. 

3. Press the Delete key.

Click Delete.

4. That’s all there is to it! The Filelinked codes on your device have been successfully removed.

That's it! You have successfully deleted the Filelinked codes on your device.

Visit Filelinked’s official website for additional information about codes and how they operate.

Official Filelinked Website

Frequently Asked Questions about Filelinked Codes

Which Filelinked Codes are the most effective?

76705196, 51829986, 67664537, 95030652, 27256340, and many more in this list are the finest Filelinked Codes.

Is it allowed to use Filelinked codes?

Yes, Filelinked codes are lawful when used to install applications and watch movies and TV series that are available in the public domain. TROYPOINT does not support or encourage the unauthorized streaming or downloading of copyrighted material.

Do Filelinked codes necessitate the use of a VPN?

When utilizing different Filelinked codes, TROYPOINT advises using a VPN. This will conceal your streaming activity and allow you to remain anonymous on the internet.

What happens if you’re found utilizing applications from Filelinked shops that haven’t been verified?

If you are discovered watching illegal material using applications from Filelinked shops, you may face legal consequences. TROYPOINT advises that you only watch material that is in the public domain.

What devices are Filelinked compatible with?

Filelinked may be downloaded and installed on any Android smartphone. Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Chromecast, Android TV Boxes, tablets, phones, and more are all included.


This is the latest in our series of daily blog posts featuring the best new codes we’ve found on We’ll be using this format for three reasons: 1. We want to give you a simple way to see all the new codes posted on a daily basis. 2. It’s more fun that way. 3. If we were judged on our daily output, it’d be a moot point.. Read more about filelinked codes and pins – 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any new FileLinked codes?

Yes, there are new FileLinked codes.

What is the PIN number for FileLinked?

The PIN number for FileLinked is 1234.

What is FileLinked codes for adults?

FileLinked codes are a type of adult membership that gives you access to a wide range of features. You can find out more about what these features are by checking out the website.

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