Can You See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile?

Can you see who views your Twitter profile or the accurate insights? Can they see all your tweets? If not, should you be worried? All of these questions and more are answered in this blog post.

Whether you’re a social media influencer or just a regular Twitter user, you may want to know what is going on with your Twitter profile.

Do you want to know who is viewing your Twitter profile?

If so, this blog post will answer all of your questions about how to see who viewed your Twitter profile and what they can see. We’ll also show you how to make sure that only people that follow you can view your tweets.

In order for someone to be able to view your Twitter profile, they have to be following you on Twitter. You can adjust the settings in the privacy tab so that only people who are following you get access. This way, if someone is stalking or harassing you online, they won’t be able to find out where else on the internet you’re active!

Just keep reading our blog post to see who viewed your Twitter profile!


  • How Do I Know if Someone Is Looking at My Account?
  • Can You See Who Views Your Twitter Profile
  • What about the apps and browser extensions that claim to let you find who views you on Twitter?
  • Does Twitter Analytics share any data about who views you on Twitter?
  • FAQ’S
    • Can you see who views your tweets?
    • Can you see who views your Twitter videos?
  • Here are some tips for keeping your Twitter profile safe?

How Do I Know if Someone Is Looking at My Account?

There is no way to know who is looking at your Twitter account. But, the privacy settings on your account make it possible for people to follow you without being followed back. This means that they will be able to see all of your tweets and everything else about your account. To solve this issue what you can do is make your twitter account private, or just remove them as your follower.

Can You See Who Views Your Twitter Profile

Twitter profile privacy and security is a confusing mess.

The social media has made it difficult to understand how you can keep your private information safe, so we’ve put together this guide to help you out. 

We’ll walk through several different ways that you can change your settings on Twitter in order to protect your account from unwanted views and prying eyes.

To help you make sense of all the different aspects of Twitter, we have created this blog post with everything you need to know about your Twitter profile. We cover how your profile appears when someone views it (and what they see), how you can edit your Twitter profile information at any time, and more!

What about the apps and browser extensions that claim to let you find who views you on Twitter?

– There are plenty of apps and browser extensions that claim to let you find who views you on Twitter, but these are scams.

– These scam sites create their own twitter users to view your account and use up resources for the site as they can’t monetize with advertising (or at least not efficiently).

– The only way someone could know if a person is viewing them would be if they screenshot what’s happening in their timeline or reply directly back to this twitter user from the notification indicator.

– If anyone does see something like this happen it should raise suspicion because there’s no reason why someone would want “viewless” interactions outside of malicious intent.

Twitter does not allow any third-party apps or browser extensions that could be used to see who viewed your Twitter profile.

So there is no way you can know for sure who viewed your Twitter profile.

– You can always report suspicious activity to Twitter if someone is trying to harass, abuse or dox another user by reporting this content as spam or abusive behavior in the form of direct message.

– For more information about how a third party cannot interact with your account please read their Privacy Policy which states “We respect our users’ privacy and work hard to protect it.” To ensure that private data remains private we restrict access to nonpublic personal profile information and certain other account functionality where necessary”.

– There are many phishing scams out there that will try and steal your login credentials when they know they have a high chance of success because people believe misinformation spread by these sites like this one. So don’t believe in these sites or these fake reviews and do not download any extension or apps that claim that they will show you who is viewing your Twitter account.

Does Twitter Analytics share any data about who views you on Twitter?

Twitter Analytics is a new tool from Twitter that’s been rolled out as an alpha version. It allows you to track your tweets, follower growth and provides data about the best time of day for engagement.

– When you sign in, Twitter analytics will also show how many times people view your Twitter profile each month – but there are no specifics on who these viewers might be or what their username is.

There may be some clues within the Twitter analytics though – if someone has viewed your tweets then they’ll see this information too alongside any comments they’ve made on posts by other users and so forth.

If we click into our Twitter Profile Activity tab, we can see which followers have recently viewed us most often (most like because we can’t know for sure who the viewer is).

– If you’re concerned about privacy, then it’s a good idea to keep in mind that Twitter Analytics only shows data based on your profile – so if you’ve got other profiles set up, they won’t be included.


Can you see who views your tweets?

No, you can’t see who views your tweets. Twitter released this new feature in November of 2018, and it has made people uneasy for many reasons. It was that you can’t tell if someone saw your tweets before they were deleted or not.

Can you see who views your Twitter videos?

Users can see the number of people who have viewed your video. If you are concerned about privacy and security on Twitter, there are a few ways to turn this feature off.

-Navigate into Settings from your Twitter profile page by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.

-Click Privacy & Safety then select Viewing Activity under “Personal Data.”

-Next to “Who can see my activity?” click Customize… This will bring up another window with four options: Public, Friends Only, Followers Only, or No One Else (i.e., only those granted permission). Select one option that best fits how much visibility you want for these posts.

Here are some tips for keeping your Twitter profile safe?

Limit your number of followers:

A large following is great, but if you have a million people subscribed to your account and someone gets in somehow they’ll be able to access the names of every single one. Only follow those that are relevant or interesting enough for it not to feel like spamming (i.e., don’t just subscribe to anyone who follows you back).

-Review security settings regularly:

Check what permissions allow others on Twitter can do with your account – including whether they can search for tweets by this person, a retweet from this account, etcetera. You might want some people being able to see what tweets you write but not seeing all the other stuff on there; keep them out!

-Use strong passwords :

Keep your password as strong and diverse as possible, with uppercase letters, special characters (though not too many to be hard to type!), numbers, and – of course! – don’t use the same one for anything else.

-Disable geolocation:

This is a good move if you’re in an area where there’s violence or other unrest; it’ll keep people from finding out where you are just by looking at your profile page on Twitter.

-Turn off direct messaging:

If someone hacks into your account they can send messages without being detected by anyone but you – so turn these off until you’ve got things sorted out again.



Twitter is a social media platform that allows people to follow one another and engage in conversation. There is nothing on the platform that would allow someone who isn’t following you to view anything on your profile, unless they have access to a computer with your password and are logged onto your account. If you’re

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