Example of 23 Unique and Best Twitter Headers Photos from Real Brands

It is important that you pay attention to the Twitter header design when creating a Twitter profile. It is crucial to think about how your profile can be distinguished from other profiles, as there are over 300,000,000 tweets per day. For both beginners and professionals, creating the ideal header is not easy.

When creating the ideal Twitter header for your Twitter account, there are many things to consider. This article will cover some common Twitter header concepts to create the ideal backdrop for your twitter background.

23 best Twitter banners to inspire you in case your ideas run out

Table of Contents

  • Best & Unique Twitter Headers Pictures Examples

    • 1. Lyft
    • 2. Canva
    • 3. Target
    • 4. LinkedIn SlideShare
    • 5. British Airways
    • 6. Taco Bell
    • 7. Netflix

      • Netflix Middle East and North Africa
      • Netflix Japan
      • Netflix Korea
    • 8. Animoto
    • 9. Basecamp
    • 10. Rio Tinto
    • 11. Etsy
    • 12. Starbucks
    • 13. Toms
    • 14. Danone
    • 15. UNICEF
    • 16. Old Spice
    • 17. Petzl
    • 18. Garmin
    • 19. Live Nation
    • 20. Chloe
    • 21. Vodafone Group
    • 22. Maersk
    • 23. American College of Sports Medicine
  • Conclusion

Best & Unique Twitter Headers Pictures Examples

Before you start creating your Twitter header, have a look at these large corporations who created unique and interesting Twitter headers for their brands.

1. Lyft

It is an excellent example of a simple, yet powerful header that matches the brand. Lyft’s focus is on simplicity and quirky to attract customers.

2. Canva

Canva, a popular service for designing websites and digital content, allows you to create them. This is an excellent example of what you can do to display your business’s image on Twitter.

3. Target

Target’s twitter banner is another way to get customers to follow them. Their unique design is visually attractive to their customers.

4. LinkedIn SlideShare

The platform designed their Twitter banner so that new users can view all its most popular services.

5. British Airways

British Airways chooses a classic approach for its Twitter banner. To make them more familiar to new customers, they show one of their flights along with several employees.

6. Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Twitter banner shows the Tacos they offer. This Twitter banner is minimalistic as well.

7. Netflix

Netflix found an excellent use for their Twitter banner space. They keep users up to date with new shows and other news on the platform.

Netflix Middle East and North Africa

This account’s Twitter banner shows the most popular tweets from the Middle East and North Africa region.

Netflix Japan

The same strategy is used by this Twitter account to inform its followers about the most recent shows in Japan.

Netflix Korea

Netflix’s North Korean subsidiary also has a banner that displays current trending shows.

8. Animoto

Animoto uses simple textures in conjunction with its various services. This banner is very aesthetic with its minimalist design and simple font.

9. Basecamp

Basecamp makes the most of Twitter’s banner space by using humor and basic cartoon graphics. In the banner, they also give a reason why their service’s great for users.

10. Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is committed to ethical mining natural resources. This can be seen in Rio Tinto’s Twitter banner, which depicts a barren branch. It is a popular choice with new and existing followers.

11. Etsy

Etsy has divided its Twitter banner into simple elements which look great when combined.

12. Starbucks

Starbucks highlights their different coffee varieties in its Twitter banner to draw customers. It is an excellent strategy used by other companies.

13. Toms

TOMS uses Twitter to showcase their customers. It helps visitors feel familiarized with the brand.

14. Danone

Danone’s Twitter banner shows a family enjoying their products. This image focuses on the product’s use as a daily nutritional supplement.


UNICEF experiments with colors and images that depict human crises to elicit an emotional response from their supporters and visitors.

16. Old Spice

Old Spice created its Twitter banner in order to reach the target customers. This header is unique and charismatic.

17. Petzl

Petzl showcases their products in a darkened environment at night. To emphasize their efficiency, this company displays their lamps lighting the scene.

18. Garmin

Garmin promotes their products using a direct method on Twitter. On their Twitter banner, they show a photo of a landscape and some wristwatches that are their most popular.

19. Live Nation

Live Nation displays a photo of their services to the user and gives a peek at the artists they feature.

20. Chloe

Chloe, another brand, chooses to showcase the faces behind their products. Their Twitter banner features models dressed in the products.

21. Vodafone Group

The company uses simple text and clever techniques to grab customers’ attention. The message can be easily read thanks to the consistent and simple color scheme.

22. Maersk

Maersk makes use of the beauty and natural resources in the areas where they provide their services. Maersk’s landscape photos are intended to show the users the rugged terrains they serve.

23. American College of Sports Medicine

The college attempts to express its essence by using everyday objects related to their academic courses. The college uses consistent colors, minimal images and a texture background.


People often see the Twitter banner first when opening a profile. This space can be used to promote your products or to keep customers interested. This article will help you create the right banner for your company.



creating the perfect Twitter header is not easy. Consider how you can distinguish your account from other profiles on the website, which are estimated at 300-million per day. Beginners and professionals alike need to think about how their design will give off their company’s image.

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