Genshin Impact Windtrace Event Complete Guide

Alongside the launch of the Genshin Impact (G.I) Windtrace, the game developers at Genshin Impact (G.I) Studio also announced this week that they would be holding a special event to incentivize users to download and play the updated Windtrace game. The event, which runs from the 6th to the 15th of December, will reward players who complete a set number of missions with in-game or real-world rewards.

A large media company known as Genshin Impact created something to help people communicate better. The company, along with volunteers from other companies, created a relatively easy to understand way to help people improve their skills in a select group of games. The purpose of this guide is to help you get started on your Genshin Impact journey, and maybe even to help you get started on your path in life.

Mihoyo is back at work on another Genshin Impact event called Windtrace, which will take place on the 14th. The month of May begins and lasts a total of ten days. This is a cooperative, cross-game event where players play a short game of hide and seek. Travelers are randomly assigned to the role of rebel or hunter and must act accordingly. Participating in the contest is a great way to win primogems, mora, materials and other rewards. Check out our full guide to the Genshin Impact Windtrace event for everything you need to know.

Genshin Impact Windtrace date and event details

The Genshin Impact Windtrace event begins on May 14 at 10:00 AM server time and ends on May 24. May 20, 2021 at 4:00 AM server time.

Players must have an adventure rank of 20 or higher to participate in the event.

Where to find Gaigax for the wind tracking event at Genshin Impact

Gigax is located in Moon City at the beginning of the Windtrace events. Talk to Gygax and click on the Start Matching option at the bottom of the screen. Then click Accept when the co-op window appears to participate in the Wind Track event.

Wind Exposure Monitoring Genshin

During a Windtrace event, travelers can participate in the Windtrace game at Gigax and earn Windtrace coins, the currency for the event. Exchange Windspur coins for rewards like Primogems, Peekaboo celebration cards, XP character materials, Mora and more.

The Wind Track event is a cooperative event, which means you can create your own cooperative group or use a random selection. Windtrace parts can only be obtained by using the random match function. However, players can still get rewards for Windspur challenges if they are in a cooperative group.

Wind Track token rewards include Primogems, Mora, and XP material for characters. Players can earn 1,200 Windtrace coins on the first day, and this amount will increase by 800 per day over the six days following the start of the event. That means 1200 Windtrace coins on day one, 1800 Windtrace coins on day two, and so on.

You can get up to 250,000 Mora if you complete all the tasks in the Windtrace challenge. Tasks include detecting multiple insurgents with a sensor aura, winning the game as an insurgent, placing bait to obstruct the hunter’s view, etc.

Genshin Impact Wind Track Event: How it works

The traveler randomly plays as a hunter or rebel in one of five possible locations.

  • Guerrilla warfare in a small town
  • Confrontation between winemakers
  • Drifter at the bottom of the terrace
  • A ray of ghost fire
  • Ice labyrinth

At each location, there are random props you can use to hide as a rebel. The job of the rebels is to hide from the hunter, and the job of the hunter is to capture all the rebels.

If the Rebels don’t get caught, they win the game. Similarly, if the hunters catch the rebels, they win the game. Each side has special abilities, which we will look at below, known as the Wind Arts.

In addition to the Wind Art, travelers can also use the Secret Favourite, a glowing orb that appears towards the end of the game. When you thaw the favorite, reload your secret favorite. Both rebels and hunters can use arcane services, with hunters gaining insight, hunter intuition, or the prisoner’s curse, and rebels gaining star step.

Rebel leader

The rebels must hide from the hunters during the game and stay out of sight. Rebels are adept at various wind arts (skills):

  • Bait: It blurs the hunter’s vision. Place the bait in the area in front of the hunter to disorient him. When the hunter takes the bait, it obscures his vision for a while.
  • Transparency: Temporarily switch to stealth mode, where the hunter cannot see you. This will remove your current disguise.

The Rebels have the following secret favorite:

  • Starfall: Movement speed increases significantly for the next 30 seconds.

You can choose the character you want to use when not in disguise mode. So short letters can be a good idea to hide yourself better!

If you hide as a rebel, don’t hide next to another rebel, because the hunter can make a two-for-one deal and has a significant advantage. Go into stealth mode by holding E to cancel stealth mode.

Find a place where there are a few props, and make a few more props with your skills. Hide among other objects to confuse the hunter, but don’t move or he’ll see you!

A hunter may receive a favor that may appear at the last moment of an event. The jet from the fighter blows away the camouflage of the insurgents and illuminates them with a glowing light, but it’s easy to win if no insurgents have been captured yet. Note the sticker, it helps you see where the hunter is going. Always run in the opposite direction or keep an eye on their position so you know where to run if the situation becomes dangerous.

Hunting guide

The hunters must capture all rebels within the allotted time. Hunters have several wind arts they can use:

  • A mysterious assumption: Briefly state in which direction all rebels are hiding.
  • Sensory aura: Explore a solid area around you. The game warns you if there is a rebel in the area.
  • Catch! Spread the cloak of the nearest rebel and capture him (3 charges).

Hunters have the following Secret Mercy:

  • Imposing a curse: Solve the disguise of a rebel and tie him up for a short time.
  • Hunter’s intuition: Randomly breaks the insurgent’s camouflage and permanently marks his location on the map. Nearby targets are marked by a column of light and cannot be hidden from view.
  • Insight: Break the cloak of all rebels and mark their location on the map. It shows the position of nearby rebels on the scene with a column of light.

Mysterious intuition is useful because the shelters are not that large. However, the duration of this skill is very long, so this should be taken into account. Fighters can use Insight early if they don’t find rebels before preparing a burst.

The other two moves are useful if you have found one or two rebels, but you can’t find a third because there is only one rebel involved.

This is the end of our guide to Genshin Impact Windtrace events. Good luck, dear travelers, and have fun! For more guides, see the Genshin Impact Farm trails and the Serenitea Potting summary.

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