Guide To Twitter Slangs, Lingo, Abbreviations, and Acronyms

Are you apprehensive about social media abbreviations or slang terms? It can be difficult to keep up with all the different Twitter lingo. This guide is for you if you ever needed a comprehensive reference to find out what certain slang terms on Twitter mean.

Abbreviations for Twitter are usually short versions of common words or phrases. They can include slang and common buzzwords as well as basic chat lingo. This article will list some of the most common terms and technical ones on Twitter. Then, the section below will be dedicated to various Twitter acronyms and slangs.

Table of Contents

  • Common Twitter Terms
  • These are the 2022 Twitter Slangs

Common Twitter Terms

If you’re new to Twitter, here is a list that will help you understand some of the terms you might use.


A Twitter account is denoted by the “@” sign. The username is often followed by this sign. It is used to denote other Twitter users in tweets.


The act of blocking is to block other users from following or messaging you.

Message DM

Direct messages (DMs) are chats that you have with another user on Twitter. These conversations are confidential and private, so they’re not accessible to anyone else on Twitter. Only users can send DMs to you if they are following your account.


Twitter’s “Favorite” feature allows you to save your favorite tweets so that they can be seen later.

#FF Follow Friday

Twitter’s #FF (Follow Friday) is one of its customs. Users use the hashtag to suggest popular accounts that they like to follow on Fridays.

Who to Follow?

It is Twitter’s feature to recommend relevant accounts. Based on the profile of the user, these accounts may include friends and interesting accounts previously not followed.

Like, Follow

Follow is the act of following someone on Twitter. The users that follow one account on Twitter are called followers.

Username, Handle

The unique usernames or Twitter handles that new users assign to their accounts are called twitter usernames. Twitter usernames can be modified at the user’s discretion. Twitter handles include unique links which can be shared with others.

Hashtag –

Twitter hashtags are any text that is preceded with the # sign. Twitter users use these hashtags to identify trending topics and other relevant terms.

Lists –

A list is a group of Twitter usernames or handles that can all be followed in one click. After these lists have been followed, users can view all tweets from the Twitter accounts on the list.


Twitter refers to tweets with mentions. These are usually tweets that contain other usernames and preceded by “@”.. Notifications are sent to users who have been mentioned in their posts.

Modified Twitter or MT- or MRT-

Modified tweets refer to retweets which have been altered or shortened by users in order for them to add their comments within the retweet.


Mute allows users to disable tweets from specific users. However, this feature is different from blocking because muted users still have the ability to DM the blocked user.


You can access their Twitter account by tapping their profile image or directly accessing the Twitter handle. The Twitter profile contains information about the user as well as their tweets.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are tweets paid by individuals or companies to be at the top in recommended tweets. This gives rise to more promotion and coverage of products.

Reply, @Reply –

Twitter replies are tweets sent as an immediate reply to another tweet. The username of the respondent is usually included in replies.


Tweets called retweets can be forwarded to other people and then reposted on the platform. Tweeting is basically sending tweets to someone else’s followers by retweeting.

RT –

RT stands for retweets. The abbreviation RT is used to signify a retweet after it has been modified or retweeted.

Shortcode –

The shortcodes can be used to send SMS messages and receive Twitter updates.

Subtweet/Subtweeting –

Subtweets are tweets that mention another Twitter user, but do not explicitly refer to them. These tweets usually refer to the individual being referred or their followers.

Throwback Thursday

Users use TBT (Throwback Tuesday) to look at older photos and post them on Twitter.


A Twitter timeline is a collection of tweets that are posted by the various accounts you follow on the platform. You can see the most recent tweets at top, and older ones at bottom of the Twitter timeline.

TOP Tweets

The top tweets are those that have been most popular and the ones chosen by algorithms on the platform.


Twitter’s TOS are terms and conditions that all users must agree to in order to use it. They are usually presented when you sign up to a new Twitter account.

Top Trending Topic

Twitter offers users a simple way to stay on top of the most recent trends around the globe. The Twitter homepage has a list of the most popular topics.


The term Twitter “Tweep”, which is used to refer to followers or groups of Twitter users, can be used in general. You can use this term to signify a new Twitter user.


Twitter can be used to refer to posts that include photos or videos, as well as the process of tweeting.

Twitter Button

Twitter buttons are generally located on many websites and allow visitors to tweet directly from the URL.


Twitter’s most popular users have a large following.


Twitterer: A person who uses Twitter regularly.


Twitosphere refers to the collective of people who tweet using the social media platform.


The two words “Twitter”, and “Universe” are the origins of this term. It is used generally to refer all features on Twitter including users posts and the overall content.


Unfollowing on Twitter means to remove all the tweets from a specific user.

Username and Handle

Twitter usernames or Twitter handles are the unique identifiers that each user must set when creating a new account.

Verified account

Twitter accounts are verified if they have an active account and a significant number of followers. The user must also verify their authenticity with photo and ID proofs.


WCW, or Women Crush Wednesday, is one of the most popular Twitter tags for Wednesdays. It is often found in posts that users share tweets about women they love.

These are the Twitter Slangs you should know by 2022.

It will be difficult to find “avi” and “it” in dictionary, unless there is a younger person living at home. Twitter is a constant source of trendy millennial phrases such as “qrt”, “ifb” and other slang terms like these. This clever shorthand language has evolved to a new language for Generation Z and millennials. These are the top slang terms.

What is SMH on Twitter?

The abbreviation SMH stands for “Shaking my Head”. This term is often used on different social media platforms like Twitter. When a user doesn’t agree with a comment or post, “SMH” will be used.

What is SMDH on Twitter?

The stronger form of “SMH” is “SMDH”. Abbreviation of “Shaking My Damn Head”. This can be used when the user disagrees strongly with a tweet.

What does the MT stand for on Twitter?

Twitter’s abbreviation for Modified Tweet is MT. When a post is modified, retweets will include an MT tag.

What does Twitter mean by TBH?

On most social media platforms, TBH denotes “To Be Honest”. TBH is used to denote that a person is honest with their opinion about a tweet or comment.

What does IMO stand for on Twitter?

Twitter users use “IMO” (or “In My Opinion”) to softly push their opinions on other users.

What is ICYMI on Twitter?

ICYMI stands for “In Case you Missed It”. This tag can be used for retweets that are based on older topics.

Before using @name

A dot is an excellent way to make sure that the comment or reply is read by all of your followers.

Subtweet – What does it mean?

A post that mentions another user of Twitter, but doesn’t directly refer to them in it, is called Subtweet. These posts can be sarcastic, or criticizing.

What does the TL stand for on Twitter?

Twitter’s TL abbreviation is “Timeline”. Twitter’s TL feature shows the most recent updates from accounts you follow.

What does DT stand for on Twitter?

DT stands for Double Tap. You can double tap on posts to like them on social media sites such as Instagram. The trend is now being used on Twitter to encourage users to share and like a post.

What’s an OOMF in Twitter?

To denote one of my friends/followers, “OOMF” can be used. This can be used to identify someone, without them being directly identified in the post.

What is TWT on Twitter?

“TWT” denotes “Time Will Tell”. This tag can be used to indicate when

What does the Twitter p signify?

Twitter uses P and /P to indicate that a user doesn’t intend to flirt with other users by not leaving comments or posting posts.

What is rt on Twitter?

To increase the popularity of a tweet, you can RT (or Re-Tweet).

What is unroll on Twitter?

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by all the tweets coming from one user, you can reply with “@threadreaderappunroll” to any of their Tweets. It compiles the tweets of the user and then returns them to the sender.

What does “avi” mean on Twitter?

Twitter’s “avi” stands for “avatar”. This term is used to refer to a user’s avatar or profile photo on Twitter.

What does “pos” mean in Twitter?

Most social media platforms including Twitter use “POS” as a term to refer to “Piece Of S**t”.

What does “asl” mean on Twitter?

Twitter’s shorthand for “asl”, which is the abbreviation of “as hell”, can be used to refer to the Twitter term. It is often used to highlight something on Twitter.

What does the /pos stand for on Twitter?

The Twitter tag /pos can be used to indicate a positive comment or tweet.

What is # on Twitter?

Twitter hashtags are denoted by the symbol #. To classify tweets on Twitter, you can use “#” to precede trending topics.

What is AF on Twitter?

Af is an acronym that can be found on many social media sites. This is used to indicate “as ***”,” and can be used to emphasise certain statements.

What is /j on Twitter?

To show that you are making fun of someone, include “/j” in any Twitter comment or post.

What does the Twitter /gen stand for?

Twitter’s use of “/gen” at the end a sentence signifies authenticity.

What does the c signify on Twitter?

Twitter uses the “/C” at the end of comments or posts to indicate that they have been copied from another source.

What is /P on Twitter?

Twitter uses P/P at the end of comments or sentences, if it’s not intended in a sexually explicit or flirtatious way.

What is DN on Twitter?

Twitter’s shorthand for “Display Name”, DN, is DN. Twitter allows you to change the DN of any account.

What is fleet on Twitter?

Twitter’s fleet feature was an old one that let users share short, but very interesting thoughts with others on Twitter.

What is /J on Twitter?

Twitter users will see the “/j” at the end or comments. This is to let them know that you are making a joke.

What is /HT on Twitter?

Twitter’s shorthand for hashtags is HT (or /ht). You can use hashtags to communicate with others on Twitter.

What is Maga on Twitter?

Maga is abbreviation of “Make America Great Again”. Many Twitter users are familiar with this term.

What is /IH on Twitter?

IH, another Twitter tag that’s very popular is “I’m high”.

What is DNI on Twitter?

Twitter uses the abbreviation “Do Not Interact” as “DNI”.

What is SB on Twitter?

SB is a Twitter term that means “Soft Block” a user. A soft block is a method of removing a tweet from someone’s feed. However, it allows the user to DM or check their tweets via accessing their profile.

What does the TL stand for on Twitter?

Twitter uses the TL to signify Timeline. Twitter TL displays a variety of tweets from people you follow and information about them.

What is a Red Flag on Twitter?

Twitter uses the red flag emoji to indicate a warning about a comment or post.

What is TFG on Twitter?

TFG can also be known on Twitter as “The Former Guy”. Biden invented this abbreviation.

What is dm on Twitter?

Direct Message (DM) on Twitter allows you to directly message a user.

What does CW stand for on Twitter?

CW, or Content Warning, is used generally to alert users regarding the contents of a tweet or comment.

What does “gm” mean on Twitter?

On any social media platform including Twitter, “GM” can be used to signify “Good Morning”.

What is fml on Twitter?

FML stands for F*** My Life. It is used to indicate dissatisfaction with a situation or person in one’s life.

What does the qrt stand for on Twitter?

Twitter uses Quote Retweets (or QRT) when the original tweet is in the reply.

What does the Twitter pb stand for?

Twitter’s most popular hashtag is “PB”, which stands for personal best. This hashtag can be used to indicate a user’s achievement.

What is ifb on Twitter?

Twitter’s IFB can be used to denote either “Invitation for Bids”, or “I Follow Back”. This term is used to indicate that someone follows you back.

What is stan tweet?

Twitter stan is a collective of users who share their opinions about a post or category on the platform.

What does su mean on Twitter?

“Sus” is an acronym for “suspicious”, or “suspect”.

What is amp on Twitter?

Twitter’s acronym amp is used to refer to “Accelerated mobile pages” or “&amp”. Twitter will display the latter if there is an error with copying or pasting any comment or tweet.

What is IRL on Twitter?

The Twitter acronym “In Real Life” (or “IRL”) is very popular. The acronym can be used to indicate the similarities or differences between Twitter and real life.

What does the g signify on Twitter?

Twitter uses “G” as an acronym for “Grin” This is used to show happiness at seeing comments or posts.


DT on the social media platform is short for double tap. In the Instagram app, users can “like” a post by tapping it twice, hence DT. This abbreviation is often used as a hashtag, #dt, as a way to encourage others to like one’s post.

– MT = Modified tweet. This means the tweet you’re looking at is a paraphrase of a tweet originally written by someone else.
– RT = Retweet. The tweet you’re looking at was forwarded to you by another user.
– DM = Direct message.
– PRT = Partial retweet.
– HT = Hat tip.
– CC = Carbon-copy.

– FB – Facebook.
– IG – Instagram.
– LI – LinkedIn.
– YT – YouTube.
– TW – Twitter.

One of my followers

Acronym Definition
——- ——————————–
DT Data Transmission
DT double take
DT Display Technology
DT Diphtheria-Tetanus (vaccination)

– Tweet. The message you post and send out to your followers is called a ‘tweet’.
– Follower.
– Retweet.
– Unfollow.
– Mention.
– DM.
– Hashtag.
– Engagement.


Are you apprehensive about social media abbreviations or slang terms? It can be difficult to keep up with all the different Twitter lingo. This guide is for you if you ever needed a comprehensive reference to find out what certain slang terms on Twitter mean.

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