How to Delete a Retweet on Twitter

Did you accidentally retweet something that you weren’t supposed to? Perhaps you intended to save it as a favorite. Maybe you have a different opinion and want to share the post with your followers. It doesn’t matter what reason it may be, you can easily delete any retweets on Twitter.

It’s a wonderful way to communicate your thoughts and opinions with the rest of the world via Twitter. But what if you don’t like something you shared? You might have noticed people deleting their retweets and wondered what they did. Although Twitter makes it difficult to remove a retweet from their feed, there are ways to do so.

Twitter’s “retweet” feature allows you to quickly and with others share the tweet with your followers. Did you accidentally retweet something that you wish to delete?

You might want to remove a retweet for other reasons. Maybe you have retweeted something you don’t wish your followers to see. It’s easy to remove a retweet if you are sure. You only have to click a few buttons on Twitter to make that happen.

Remember that a retweet is only removed from your profile. The original tweet will not be deleted.

Table of Contents

  • Can you delete a Retweet?
  • Remove a Retweet from Twitter Desktop
  • Remove a Retweet from Twitter Mobile
  • How do I delete all Retweets in one go?
  • How do I delete a Retweet that was sent to me by someone blocked?
  • What is the reason I can’t delete my Retweets

Can you delete a Retweet?

You can remove a retweet you accidentally retweeted, or any retweet you do not want your followers seeing. You can delete any retweets that are not appropriate for your account from Twitter. It is very simple to delete a Twitter retweet.

Retweet on Twitter Desktop

It is simple to delete a retweet from Twitter using a computer. To delete a tweet, follow these steps.

STEP 1. Go to your browser and log in to

STEP2: In the Twitter left sidebar choose the “profile” choice.

STEP3: After your profile has been created on Twitter, search for the retweet that you wish to remove.

STEP4: Next Click on the three horizontal dots at the top-right corner of the page.

STEP5: To open a drop down menu, choose the delete option from the menu and then click on the button.

STEP6: The previous step will open an dialog to confirm that you want to delete. Select the “Delete” option.

This is it. Your retweet was deleted. The retweet won’t appear on your profile.

Retweets on Twitter Mobile Cancel a Reply

It is just as simple to delete a retweet from your phone as on a computer.

Follow these steps to get rid of any retweets from your profile.

STEP1: Log in to your Twitter account and open Twitter.

STEP2: To access ‘s profile icon, hover over the upper left corner.

STEP3: In the menu, select the profile link.

STEP4: Go to your profile and find the tweet you wish to delete. Next, click the Undo Tweet button.

STEP5:Now, you’ll see a menu near the bottom of the screen. Click on the Undo Retweet button.

You can now remove the selected tweet from your profile.

Retweets can be deleted at once.

Twitter lets users delete their retweets, but only one at a time. Twitter does not have the ability to delete your entire retweets in bulk, but it can be done using circleboom (a third-party website).

You can delete any retweets by downloading your Twitter archive, and then uploading it to circleboom. Circleboom’s Twitter Archive Eraser can delete all your retweets in bulk. Follow the below steps to delete them.

STEP 1. Login to your circleboom dashboard and authenticate your Twitter account.

STEP 2: Click on the circle boom option, then click on my tweets and select the button to delete any old tweets.

STEP3: This will redirect you to another page, where you must upload your tweet archive (tweet.js).

Step 4: Once your archive has been uploaded, there will be an option to choose your replies, tweets and retweets.

Step 5: To delete retweets from your account, Uncheck any boxes other then the one for retweet.

STEP 6 Then Click on the Approve button to delete all retweets at once.

Retweets from blocked users: How can you delete them?

It is easy to delete a retweet that someone blocked you from. If someone blocks you, their retweets will disappear from your account.

The tweet will only be deleted by the blocked user. The tweet does not prevent anyone from viewing the retweet, however it will contain a message that the sender shared the answer to. Anyone else not blocked could click the message to see the full message.


Two reasons may be why your Retweet cannot be deleted. Your account could be suspended because you violated the Twitter guidelines. This can be confirmed by visiting the Twitter Suspended Section. You can also get your account reinstated and delete the retweet.

Twitter will not allow you to delete a tweet that hasn’t been retweeted in a while because it is part of your social media history.



Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to share their thoughts and opinions with the world. Users may also communicate with each other via retweets which allow them to quickly share the tweet on Twitter.

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