How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Twitter allows you to post updates (called Tweets) up to 280 characters. What if you need to tweet more than 280 characters of information? Scheduling is the answer. Schedule tweets is when you write your tweets in advance and Twitter will send them to the time.

Twitter lets users schedule tweets to be automatically tweeted at the time they are scheduled. This allows you to keep your account regular and makes your tweets more reachable.

This blog will show you how schedule Twitter tweets.

Table of Contents

  • What are the benefits of scheduling tweets?
  • How to schedule tweets on Twitter
  • How to schedule a tweet on your mobile app (Android, iPhone)
  • Hootsuite: How to schedule tweets
  • Tweetdeck: How do you schedule tweets?
  • Five Tips to Schedule Tweets
  • The Best Tools for Scheduling Tweets
  • Conclusion

When Should You Use Twitter?

You may find scheduling your tweets helpful in many ways. You should schedule tweets for a variety of reasons.

  • It is important to keep consistency in your account, so you can provide new content every day to your followers.
  • You can also upload your content to different countries according to their time zones.
  • This allows you to publish content when users are most active, so the tweet can be seen by the majority of users.
  • You can also stop yourself from neglecting Twitter, as posting every day is time-consuming.
  • You can also schedule tweets for the next five days , which will help you save time.

Schedule tweets to the Twitter website

Schedule your tweets using apps and websites. Follow these steps to schedule tweets using the Twitter website.

STEP1Log in to your Twitter account with your credentials

STEP2 – Click on the Tweet link from the left menu to send a message using text, images and gifs.

STEP3– Click on the icon below your tweet. Now, set the date and time at which you would like to publish your tweet. To schedule your tweets, simply click the Schedulebutton.

Schedule a tweet on your mobile app (Android, iPhone)

Twitter is popular on mobile devices. Follow these steps to schedule a Tweet on Twitter’s mobile app.

STEP1Launch the Twitter app from your smartphone (Android, iOS), and sign in with your credentials.

STEP2Make your tweet with text, images or gifs. To schedule the tweet, then click the calendar symbol.

STEP3– Next, choose the time at which your tweet should be published. To schedule your tweet, tap Schedule button

Schedule tweets with Hootsuite

Hootsuite can also be used to schedule tweets. This social media platform allows you to improve your social media presence.

Follow these steps to schedule tweets with Hootsuite

STEP1 – Once you have logged in to your Hootsuite account, click the top composer icon. Select post.

STEP2 – There may be many Twitter accounts that are linked to Hootsuite. Select the account to which you wish to post.

STEP3 – Make your tweet with any hashtags or media. Next, click the gray Schedule for Later and select the posting time. Click on the Schedule button.

Schedule tweets using Tweetdeck

Twitterdeck allows you to manage multiple accounts and can schedule tweets for each account.

Follow these steps to schedule tweets using Tweetdeck

STEP1Log in with your credentials to your Twitterdeck account and click on tweet. You must ensure that you have selected the correct account for which to make a post.

STEP2 – Use text, images and gifs to create a Twitter account.

STEP3 – Click on to view the scheduled tweet. Select the time and date you wish your tweets to appear.

STEP4– To successfully schedule your Tweet, click Schedule

5 Tips to Scheduling Twitters

1. It is important to choose the right location

Timezone problems can be a problem when you post content to different countries. It is possible for some users to not be online when you publish your content.

When scheduling tweets, it is important to remember the time zones . This could be an important factor in your account’s health.

Your account can benefit greatly by scheduling your tweets according to the time zone differences of other countries.

2. Know your audience

Your audience is an excellent way to grow your account faster. You can plan your tweets so they go live at the hour when your most active followers are online. This will ensure that your account is visible to most people and that you get reacted to.

Knowing who you are and what time they will be online allows you to use this knowledge to schedule your content at the most appropriate times for them to view it, and to engage with it.

3. Twitter Analytics: Pay Attention

Social media marketing is best managed by a well-defined plan. You can plan your ideal marketing strategy using data analysis, and keep track of how you are doing it.

Twitter Analytics allows you to see what’s working and not.

It is a time-saver to extract data from Twitter analytics frequently.

Twitter can give you an insight into your audience’s behavior with your tweets.

4. Choose the most convenient time to tweet

Twitter can be a great way to reach a wider audience. Post your tweets at the most engaging times for your Twitter followers to stand out. Each business will have its own posting hours based on their industry and audience.

Engaging with your audience online at the best times is key to boosting engagement. Schedule your tweets according to when you will get most engagement. You can make sure your tweet is visible to all your followers by doing this.

This article explains when is the best time for you to tweet.

5. When to stop tweeting

It is important to keep an eye on the scheduled tweets. You should also monitor your followers and audience.

Sometimes, the content is no longer eligible to be posted. If you do not keep it in your account, this could affect your account’s health.

Sometimes, the content you had planned may be outdated and not suitable for posting right now. This is something you need to keep in mind.

The Best Free Tools To Schedule Tweets

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite, a social media platform that allows you to improve your social media presence is called. Hootsuite can be used on any device, including your smartphone or desktop computer. However, it requires that you are online in order to access the browser-based application.

Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social networks accounts including Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Hootsuite can be used to set up posts either automatically or manually.

Hootsuite has a paid and free version. It offers a 30-day trial, a monthly subscription for PS9.99+, as well as a free 30-day version.

Hootsuite offers three free accounts for social networks and two RSS feeds. The Pro version (paid version) allows you to have unlimited accounts and feeds.

Hootsuite Pro is recommended if you need additional capabilities such as bulk scheduling or allowing associates to schedule articles.

2. Social Oomph offers free and paid productivity improvement services to social media users. used to be their old name. They focused on efficient solutions for users.

It grew its user base to include other social networks sites in 2009 and was rebranded to

They’ve offered scheduled social media post services since 2008. They are among the first to use the Twitter API.

You can create social media and blog posts automatically from RSS feed entries, including keyword filtering. You can set the exact time of your posts to maximize impact.

You will spend less time worrying about posting and more time writing great content.

3. TweetDeck

TweetDeck allows you to manage your Twitter accounts. It was developed over several years and now supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and other social networks.

When Twitter bought this software, it was removed from all other networks.

Although it is a tweet scheduler for now, the app is very well-liked by Twitter users. TweetDeck is a set of columns that can be customized.

You can set them up to display your timeline, mentions and messages, tweet lists, searches results, favorite, hashtags or all tweets by or for a specific person.

This program makes use of Twitter’s URL Shortening. It allows links to fit within the Tweet’s 280 characters limit by only using 23 characters.

TweetDeck allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts at once. You can schedule tweets and post them instantly.

4. Twittimer

Twittimer allows you to schedule your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook posts. Sign in to your Twitter account and choose your time zone. Then, schedule your tweets. You can create a tweet by choosing a date and time to post it, then you can send it out to multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously.

A tweet can contain up to four images and one video. Twitter bans tweet schedulers sharing the same tweet on multiple accounts. This could result in your account being suspended.

Your tweets will be available in the archive for up to 60 days from when they were submitted. This makes it easy to find them and retweet.

5. Buffer

Buffer allows you to post material via social media channels. It is simple and intuitive. It is easy to create and use a Buffer account.

Its simplicity is the main benefit of this tool. Buffer offers many options for data analysis and report generation.

You can even get strategic advice to increase your reach on social media and engage more people. You can also use the latest social features such as Instagram Stories.

Buffer has two apps that allow you to publish and analyze your material.

Buffer allows you to visually organize social media activities. This includes detailed information about how to measure engagement on social media.


You now know the value of scheduling your tweets and how you can make your account grow with the scheduled tweet feature. It would allow you to publish content regularly without worrying about how it will look.

You would also be able reach more of your followers in different time zones. To make things even simpler, you can also use scheduling tools. You can now reach more people with the scheduled tweet feature.


Once the tweet is drafted, tap on the drop-down icon in the blue button next to “Tweet.” A pop-up will appear to the left of the screen: tap on “Schedule.” Next, tap on the button that shows the date and time the tweet will be posted.15-May-2020

Hit the calendar/clock icon to open scheduling options. Set the date and time to your choosing and time zone, a handy option if you need to figure out different times around the world. (By default, it looks like Twitter will set a tweet for exactly five days in the future.)

Hit the calendar/clock icon to open scheduling options. Set the date and time to your choosing and time zone, a handy option if you need to figure out different times around the world. (By default, it looks like Twitter will set a tweet for exactly five days in the future.)

– Step 1: Click the blue Tweet button. When you open Twitter, you’ll see your timeline.
– Step 2: Write your Tweet. Write your post and include any mentions, links, media and hashtags.
– Step 3: Click the calendar icon.
– Step 4: Choose your publishing date and time.
– Step 5: Click Confirm.

Log in to Navigate to the “Creatives” > “Tweets” tab. Here you can view and create Promoted-only, scheduled, organic, or all Tweets in your campaigns. To view your scheduled Tweets, toggle the drop-down button that says “Promoted-only Tweets” and change it to “Scheduled Tweets”.


Scheduling your tweets is helpful in many ways, like keeping consistency and publishing content when users are most active.

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