How to Survive a Zombie Horde

This guide will be covering the tips and strategy that you can use to survive a zombie horde in Unturned. If you’re one of the players who suddenly encounter a horde of zombies in a town, this one is for you.

Surviving a Zombie Horde Encounter

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The towns are good. They give you clothes, melee weaponry, if you are lucky, maybe even a gun and some ammo. However, they are nothing close to safe. Zombies, whether they are regular, burning, sprinting, those guys that spit at you, or those crawlers, you still need to be weary of them no matter how good at the game you claim to be.

There are many great strategies for dealing with zombies. I’ll cover some of the great ones here:

  • Bring a flare. No matter how good you are at combat, flares are always the best way to clear out zombies, no matter what weapon you have. You can save precious health and ammo, while getting zombies into an area where you can leave them alone, set a trap, mow them down, etc., etc.
  • Attack from behind. Pretty self-explanatory, really. You can get an easy kill without any loss or risk of losing health. I have cleared out entire camps just killing zombies from behind.
  • Lure them away. This is especially good when you have a large swarm of zombies is one area that you cannot deal with. Instead of attacking all of them, you lure 1 or 2 away and dispatch them. then you repeat until you don’t have a swarm to deal with. This can also be useful if you are clearing out a building, just make sure your exit is easily accessible and you will not be cornered.

Clearing Out Buildings

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Buildings are one of the most dangerous places in Unturned. If you are cornered by a zombie, you are pretty screwed. If you have any common sense, you would avoid them unless it is absolutely necessary. One of the best ways to deal with buildings is to pop a flare outside a doorway, then go in through a window or door opposite to the one you popped a flare into. This should clear out a lot of zombies from the building unless it is 2 stories or more.

One thing you always need to remember when clearing out a building is to have a route so you can beeline to the exit if necessary. If you know the route to the exit and make sure it is clear, you will never be cornered.

If you have a firearm, you may be able to use it in a small building with an exit close, however, if you are in the middle of a mall, prison, or other large infested area, refrain from firing as much as possible.

Zombies That You Will Encounter

There are a few types of zombies that you can encounter in Unturned. Just like any other zombie games, the zombies in Unturned have different characteristics and abilities. Below are the details that you need to know about them.

  • Regular zombies are easy to deal with, as they can easily be killed by both firearms and melee attacks. They do damage, but no lasting damage, so there is no need to run away and heal yourself up (unless the rads get to you), so they are a 1 on the threat scale.
  • Zombies with helmets/military variants. They are just like regular zombies but can tank more hits. Pretty easy to deal with if you know what you are doing. 2 on the threat scale.
  • Sprinters are annoying to deal with, but have little health and pose no real threat unless you are naked with no stamina. 2.5 on the threat scale.
  • Crawlers are slow, but incredibly powerful, as they inflict bleeding damage with each hit. Though you might be able to put some distance between yourself and it, they are still a threat. They are also powerful, so you cannot one-hit kill it with a melee weapon. If you have bandages on you, they become more of an inconvenience, however, they can still kill you easily. 5 on the threat scale.
  • Spitters are like regular zombies, yet they have a ranged attack. Their ranged attack is easy to avoid, however, and unless there is a swarm you are probably going to be able to dispatch it without much trouble. 4.5 on the threat scale.
  • Burners are a lot more than an inconvenience, as they have a ranged attack that does a lot of damage and cannot be reasonably killed with a melee. Burners, when they are alive, are like spitters, but they have a fire attack instead of acid. If you decide to take one on, you need a ranged weapon or full health and a ton of bandages. When they die, melee or otherwise, they explode in a fiery mess that will take out 75% of your health. This makes melee weapons utterly useless unless it is the direst situation possible. 7.5 on the threat scale. Bosses are bosses. 10 on the threat scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I survive the first zombie horde last on Earth?

Set up traps Make sure you know how to collect large amounts of rope. Wrap your base in spike traps if possible, this will at least prevent most of the damage and kill the zombies before they can break down your walls. Be careful though, your own spike traps can damage you for 10HP per hit if you’re too close!

What does the zombie horde do in last day on Earth?

A large group of “Crowd Zombies” spawns on your property and walks from the top of the screen to the bottom. While they will chase the player if he gets too close they will always snap back to their original direction. Crowd Zombies themselves appear to be weaker than Roaming Zombies.

How do I survive the 7 day horde?

Running from the Horde in 7 Days to Die Use structures and POI to your advantage to slow them down. If the player’s Gamestage is higher, they should have a base prepared and start as far away from it as possible at 2200. Then, they can run to the base and use it for cover.

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