How To Unlock The Spectrum Gatling Gun In The Outer Worlds: Murder On Eridanos

How To Unlock The Spectrum Gatling Gun In The Outer Worlds: Murder On Eridanos

Are you looking for How To Unlock The Spectrum Gatling Gun? Offworlds: There are many new items and weapons that players can find in Killing on Eridanos. One of the most fun applications is a new scientific weapon. In total there are three that you can unlock.

The first thing we encountered in our game was the Spectrum Gatling lol. This heavy weapon is powered by vodka, and to unlock it you need to find all the bottles of Spectrum vodka. If you need help, read our guide below to solve the problem quickly.

How to start at the end of the spectrum

To obtain a new scientific weapon, you must complete the quest At the End of the Spectrum. This quest is located in the Purple Gardens of the RR&DD building. After you help Dr. Blossom deal with the lab technicians she infected, you’ll be admitted to her main research facility.

There you will see a large computer terminal connected to the Spectrum Gatling cannon. When interacting with the terminal, you must select View Lab Notes to unlock the weapon search. From there, all you have to do is find eight different types of Spectrum vodka. Here are the eight.

  • Green spectrum
  • Orange spectrum
  • Yellow spectrum
  • Red spectrum
  • Blue spectrum
  • Black Spectrum
  • The spectrum of indigo
  • Violet spectrum

Now that you have the quest, it’s time to go through the garden and find the eight bottles to get the weapon.

Green, orange, yellow and red spectrum

How To Unlock The Spectrum Gatling Gun

The first four bottles of vodka are very easy to find. We found several versions during our research throughout the island. Just look at the corpses of your enemies and you’ll catch them quickly. We recommend that you contact RR&DD Laboratories, as most of these four are available there. From there, you have to search the entire garden for the recently murdered man.

Spectrum Blue

The blue spectrum can be found very early on in the hedge maze, which is located in the middle of the island. From the entrance, walk to the left until you see the engineer and look at the table in the screenshot above. It shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Spectrum black

Chances are you’ve seen a black Spectrum bottle before and didn’t realize it. If you follow Helen Halcyon’s steps through the orchard, you’ll probably come across the background of the picnic you see above. The black bottle is there waiting for you, next to the red spectrum, if you haven’t found it somewhere else.

Spectrum Indigo

The Indigo Spectrum is a little more discreet than the other bottles. You need to head west from the RR&D building to the gardener’s hut. Inside you’ll see a bottle of indigo hidden in a corner behind some boxes.

Spectrum Violet

The last bottle is in Dr. Blossom’s locked office in the RR&DD building. To get in, get your key card from the laboratory room or force the lock if you have sufficient skill. However you enter, there is a bottle waiting for you on the table overlooking the field.

Once you have the eight bottles, all you have to do is go back to the computer and open the case. Then the gun is yours. To take full advantage of these benefits, you obviously need to have a high level of scientific knowledge. But if you choose to, you’ll be ready to take on the galaxy with the powerful new Gatling cannon.


In The Outer Worlds, there are a variety of different ways to take down your enemies. One of the most powerful weapons in the game is the Spectrum Gatling Gun. This gun can dish out a lot of damage very quickly and is great for taking down large groups of enemies. If you want to unlock this gun, then follow the steps below!

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