How to View Protected Tweets Without Following the Person on Twitter

Are you looking for How to View Protected Tweets Without Following the Person on Twitter? Read to know more. The decision to protect one’s tweets is a personal choice, but sometimes there are reasons for wanting to track (and even retweet) protected tweets. Whether it be out of curiosity or for research purposes, seeing someone else’s protected tweets without following them can still be done.

Can You View Protected Tweets Without Following?

Yes. There are many ways to track someone’s tweets without following them, but not all methods will work with protected tweets.

The most basic and reliable method is signing up for a Twitter account that allows you to see any tweets marked as protected, including those by people you aren’t following. This method of viewing protected content is available to anyone with an Internet connection and a valid email address.

Unfortunately, most people will not be able to track all of their protected tweets because they are limited to 5,000 per week.

How To View Someone’s Protected Tweets On Twitter?

How to View Protected Tweets Without Following the Person on Twitter

There are several ways to track an individual’s protected tweets without following them. If you can track their Twitter account, you can track their protected tweets. So how do you do that?

The first method is to sign up for a Twitter account that allows you see any public tweet, including those by people whose accounts are locked and tagged as private. Such Twitter accounts are called proxies, and they are free to use. With that account, track the individual’s Twitter profile without following them, then track their protected tweets with an app as Tweets can.

Another way is to track a cell phone without installing software. When you track another person’s cell phone location online, you can track their entire history and any other phone that they’ve been carrying around.

How To View Private Twitter Account Without Following?

There are several ways to access protected tweets without following on Twitter that include cell phone location tracking, web proxies, apps like Tweets can, and more.

Use a proxy service

The easiest way is to use a proxy service like ProxySite. A proxy website can be used if you want to track another user’s profile without having to follow them. Just type in the Twitter name in the box, and it will take you straight to their account.

However, proxies can be dangerous when used for private information. This is when a third-party application like Tweetscan is useful. With this app installed on your phone or computer, all you have to do is type the Twitter name into the search bar to get their protected profile.

The only negative to using this app is that you will have to make sure it updates to get the latest information about the user’s protected profile, or else the app won’t work.

Apps like Tweetscan are helpful for all kinds of reasons. If you want to keep up with a certain celebrity without following them, you can view their protected profile.

For example, if you want to see what famous singer Taylor Swift is tweeting about but don’t follow her on Twitter, this app would be useful because it allows you to get her latest tweets without having to follow her.

Create a Fake Twitter ID

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to keep up with someone’s tweets but don’t want to follow them, there is another way. You can create a fake Twitter ID and set it up so that none of the tweets show in your feed.

Another option is to just let this new profile establish itself then delete it after a while. Nothing about that account should be saved as it’s a temporary measure to get the info you need.

Check Follower list on Profile

You can also find their protected tweets by checking the list of people that are following them. There is bound to be a number at some point that you can eliminate out based on the fact they only have 50 friends, but if there isn’t, look at each person who is following them.

If it’s someone new or not followed back, then that may be another person you have access to.

The easiest way is by locating their official website and checking out the page “press” or “media.” Some pages will list bloggers, journalists, etc. that are allowed to post news about them on their site without getting too personal. If they’re part of this group, then obviously they can tweet them as well.

Using Online Tools

Check out tools like Twitonomy, which will show you their last few hundred followers and help you search through them if there’s a particular person you want to find.

If this doesn’t do the trick, try using an account that isn’t your own or use a service like TweetDeck or HootSuite to get into their Twitter account without having to send a request.

Other ways of finding this information are using web crawlers to look through the directory of Twitter users, but there are obviously more efficient methods out there including asking them directly via email or even over the phone if it is convenient for you both.

If all else fails, they may post something on their own Twitter page that you can access even if you aren’t following them.

Ask Others to Send in Message

If you still cannot get in contact with the person who has protected their Twitter account, try finding out an alternate way of getting in contact. If they have friends or family that are following them on Twitter, they may be able to help you ask a question or two.

Also consider asking specific questions about their life and something they would tweet about themselves instead of the generic message mentioned above.

This could be a good way to get in contact with your friend without asking them directly and risking getting blocked by them instead.

If you still cannot find a way to ask your questions, consider following another one of their friends who may be able to pass along a good question for you. If all else fails, consider and searching for a word or phrase that your friend may have used in the past.

This may be risky because someone could see what you are doing and if it is something they don’t want to share with others they will likely block you immediately, but it’s worth trying before asking their friends for help.

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Does it show if you search someone on Twitter?

In a word, no. There is no search function on Twitter that allows users to find out precisely who has viewed their account or a particular tweet. Direct engagement, likes, favourites, or retweets are the only ways to confirm that someone has viewed your Twitter profile or postings. 07-May-2021

How do I see sensitive content on Twitter?

Either your profile icon or the navigation menu symbol will be visible on the top menu.
Select Safety and privacy.
Check the box next to Display material that may contain sensitive content under the heading “Safety.”

Where can I find protected tweets?

Protected Tweets won’t show up in external search engines (like Google search). Only you and your followers will be able to look for your protected Tweets on Twitter. You cannot see the responses you submit to accounts that are not following you (because only your followers will see your Tweets).

How do you see someones tweets when they are protected?

There is no technique to access other users’ protected tweets.
Asking for their consent by email or a mutual follower is the best option.
Anyone with access to your account is able to give you screenshots.
All external websites are con artists.

Can you see someone’s tweets without following them?

There will be reverse chronological order for the tweets (unlike your regular timeline). Like on your timeline, you can reply, retweet, like, and share tweets. However, the user won’t be aware that you are “following” them, and you won’t show up as one of their follows in their profile. 06-Feb-2020

Can you see protected account tweets?

Protected Tweets cannot be archived by third party websites like Favstar and do not appear in search engines like Google. Only you, the account owner, and your followers have access to protected Tweets. Public Tweets that have already been published are still searchable in Google. 02-Jul-2014


Can You View Protected Tweets Without Following?Yes. There are many ways to track someone’s tweets without following them, but not all methods will work with protected tweets. The most basic and reliable method is signing up for a Twitter account that allows you to see any tweets marked as protected

If the worst comes to worst and you cannot find a way around their protected tweets, stop trying. If they are worth keeping as your friend they will eventually make their account public again or at least tell you why they chose to protect their tweets in the first place.

Remember that you can’t blame them for blocking you. They are just trying to protect themselves and their tweets.

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