Outriders: Class Tier List Ranked

We can’t stop playing Outriders in GamerTweak. A 3 player co-op means you have to mix up the games and find the best classes that work for your team of players. It’s better than having all 4 classes on the same battlefield all the time. This would make the game completely chaotic with all the features and visuals. So you might be wondering which classes are best to play with friends or even alone. Today, let’s look at the list of pioneers and rank the classes.

Classes classified according to their scope – List of levels

This list of Outriders levels is based solely on our hundreds of hours of play, but hey, it’s just our personal opinion, so you may not agree with this list. And we’ll update this list for everyone once the full game comes out. Because some skills are not unlocked in the demo because of the level cap. So let’s see what worked for us.

Call number 4: Pyromancer

I know many of you feel that the Pyromancer should not be last. Sometimes I even bring a pyromancer to collaboration sessions. I understand that only playing with Pyromancer means running around and taking cover with the cooldown ability. The way the pyromancer is handled is also a problem. You only heal yourself when you kill marked enemies with your skills. It’s a real challenge once you get through the world levels to unlock the rewards.

But in co-op, if you think Pyromancer isn’t good enough, you’re playing wrong. The best skill in the entire game, aside from Trickster’s slow fall, is Pyromancer’s heat bomb. If you build a Pyromancer around this skill and the available mods, you will be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. The long-range damage is enough to take out any group of enemies in the game. Combine this with Ash Blast, which you unlock at level 13, to stop enemies in their tracks and fan their flames. Obviously, the pyromancer should be a strong class later in the game. So for demo players, we will leave this class at level 4 due to the lack of skills available. But before you give up on the Pyromancer, check out our guide to building the best possible Pyromancer around the heat bomb and mods.

Call number 3: Technician

Another class that is clearly a killing machine for the late game, with abilities like wave repair returning all players 33% health and your turrets 50% health regardless of range. But you have to reach Lion 13 for that, so you can’t play with them in the demo. Combine this with the Blighted tower of Lev 22 and your Cryo tower and you are unstoppable in the game. However, the Technomancer doesn’t have a lot of crowd control capabilities. Yes, you can use the cryogenic tower to deal damage and freeze enemies to immobilize them and prevent them from performing actions. But you still have to rely on the skills of your teammates to get it right.

The melee skill with Frost is a bonus for this class. It requires no skill slots or class points. The problem, however, is that with each additional use, the cooling increases. However, we left this class in third place because it was supposed to be the long-range damage spreader, while the Pyromancer was only a medium and short-range damage spreader. The Technomaster increases weapon damage by 15%. Therefore, your Technomaster must defend the next two classes on the list with rifles and snipers.

Rating 2: Devastator (Output class)

Devastator is an absolute beast in Outriders in the early games. Before doing anything, check the properties of its class :

  • Get an extra 15% maximum health.
  • Increase armor by 30%.
  • Each close kill gives you 24% of your maximum health.

Your class characteristics make you a defacto player for your team. There are very few things in the game that you can fully control. As a plague, you get health back from slain enemies that were too close to you before they died. This healing mechanic is really simple and powerful in the game. And all about that melee combat that lets you do blood damage to all enemies in a small radius. Blood inflicts damage over time as long as the infected moves, which almost all enemies do. This is the best class to equip a shotgun for chasing enemies and shooting them in the face. The skills you unlock in the beginning of the game are excellent for crowd control. The damage this class can do, as well as its regeneration properties and its ability to control mobs, would make this class the best in single-player and co-op games, were it not for the next class on the list.

Rating 1: Trickster

Trickster is the best in the outfield class. With the Loot Hunt skill, you can teleport behind a selected enemy and kill him to get a shield bonus. Combine it with the slow trap to slow down all enemies and their bullets. Watching Tricker make a makeshift knife is enough to make you fall in love with the class. Trickster also does quite a bit of damage. Each enemy you kill at close range heals you and gives you a piece of the shield. This shield, combined with your health, is enough to take heavy blows.

You can even do extra damage with twisted ammo, which fills your gun’s magazine with abnormally loaded bullets that do far more damage to enemies. This power lasts until you reload or change weapons. Combine twisted rounds, slow fall to control the crowd, and use Hunt the Prey to finish off the last survivors. There is nothing better in the game than a well played fox.

That’s all you needed to know about the best outlaw classes in the tier list. While you’re here, check out our bullshit guide for more tips and tricks.

frequently asked questions

What is the best way to enter Outrider?

The best outsider class is the cheater. The first three skills on this path work wonderfully together, allowing you to intervene and bring everyone to a halt. You can use gun techniques or let your team do the dirty work. This Outriders track is cool too.

How many classes are there in dams?

There are four playable classes available in the game Outriders. You can create up to six characters to try out each one.

In which game are the outfielders?

Role play

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