OxygenOS Update is out for OnePlus 7 & 7T Series

Last month, OnePlus first released a stable Android 11 update based on OxygenOS 11 for the OnePlus 7 and 7T series phones. But a few days after the implementation, the company withdrew the update due to bugs. Now, the company has released another major update for the OnePlus 7 and 7T series phones in the form of the OxygenOS update. The latest patch contains many new features, improvements and bug fixes. Here you can check out everything about the OnePlus 7 (Pro) and OnePlus 7T OxygenOS update.

The latest update for the OnePlus 7/7 Pro brings Oxygen OS and While the OnePlus 7T gets a new version called Oxygen OS

Since this is a big update, the OTA weighs in at 2.6GB when downloaded. I recommend downloading after connecting your smartphone to a stable Wi-Fi network. The update also increases the monthly security patch until March 2021.

Speaking of changes, the changelog looks like the one from the last update. But according to users of the OnePlus 7 series, this update is more stable than the previous one. Here you can check the OnePlus 7 or 7T series OxygenOS update log before the side download on your smartphone.

OnePlus 7/7T/Pro OxygenOS update – Change Log


  • Updating to OxygenOS 11
  • A new visual user interface design brings you a more comfortable experience through various detail optimizations.
  • Optimization of the stability of certain third-party applications and performance improvements.
  • Android security patch updated to 2021.02.
  • The MSG package has been updated in 2021.01
  • Since this is an update to Android 11 with more new features, the update time may be longer. Please wait for the update to finish


  • The camera’s user interface has been updated and some function paths optimized to provide a more user-friendly experience.
  • The recently added HEVC codec reduces the size of the video memory and allows for more recordings without sacrificing quality.
  • Recently, access was added to a third-party application to share an image by touching and holding it in the preview.
  • Recently DeepL added access to shooting mode by holding down the shutter button, and by dragging the button you can easily zoom in or out.
  • The time-lapse playback indicator has been added to show the actual duration of the recording.

Display of the atmosphere

  • New is the Insight watch style, created in collaboration with the Parsons School of Design. It changes depending on the phone’s usage data (To set it up: Settings > Configuration > Clock on external screen).
  • Recently added Canvas, which can automatically draw a wireframe picture from a lockscreen photo of your phone (Path): Settings – Setup – Background – Canvas – Select the photo preview and it can be generated automatically´╝ë.

Dark Mode

  • Added shortcut for dark mode, disabled quick setting to enable it
  • Supports automatic activation of functions and setting of time range (Path: Settings – Display – Dark Mode – Automatic activation from sunset to sunrise/at usual time range).


  • Added a game toolbox to easily switch between Fnatic modes. You can now choose three notification methods: text only, header only, and block only for your immersion game.
  • Recently added quick reply feature in a small window for Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram (activate it by swiping down from the top right/left corner of the screen in game mode).
  • Recently, a feature was added to prevent false contacts. Turn it on, swipe down from the top of the screen, press the button, and the notification panel appears


  • New design of the plan surface, the surface is clearer.
  • Added a weather widget, the animation effect is more intelligent


  • Supported story function, which allows you to automatically create weekly videos with photos and videos to save.
  • Optimize gallery loading speed and view images faster.

The update is available to live users and you can expect a notification. You will receive an OTA notification when it reaches your smartphone. If you missed the notification, you can also check for updates manually by going to Settings > System > System Updates. If an update is available, you can click Download and Install. Here’s how.

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