Reddit User Reports Suspension from Xfinity After Downloading Torrents

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After being banned from Xfinity for three days for downloading a torrent, a Reddit user posted a picture of a letter from Comcast informing them that their Internet service had been suspended. Xfinity’s response to the Reddit user was to tell them that “downloading or sharing copyrighted materials” was a violation of Comcast’s Acceptable Use Policy, and that they were required to pay a $20 account management fee “within 30 days of your suspension or termination.”

xfinity torrenting

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A Reddit member recently reported that their internet has been stopped as a result of downloading torrents.

Xfinity had informed the user, u/Akuma No Shisho, that his internet will be terminated due to copyright violation.

u/Akuma No_ Shisho claimed that the warning was sent because he had been downloading torrents from different Torrent Websites.

Among them were RARBG, 1337x, and LimeTorrents, to name a few.

The user was a serial offender, according to the letter, and he had been notified several times.

The most recent notification resulted in an 8-hour suspension of his internet connection.

You can read the full discussion thread here:

Xfinity has sent a DMCA notice to a Reddit user.

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The client was instructed to contact Xfinity Customer Support for further action, according to the Xfinity letter.

All internet-based connections for this user, including Xfinity home service, were to be turned off for 8 hours.

If the infringement happened again, the notification threatened to disconnect the connection for 12 hours.

The following is the Xfinity letter:

xfinity torrent letter

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