Resolved: Error code -7 and -130 on the Steam client

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Error codes -7 and -130 : The web page could not be loaded (unknown error) Have you encountered this error code or error code 130 when searching for a specific game to purchase on Steam? You couldn’t solve the problem? In this guide we’ll look at what it is, what causes it and what the possible solutions are.

The Steam store is a digital platform open to all game enthusiasts. The Steam catalog offers video games, matchmaking servers, video streaming, and game installation and update services.

With all these good features, it has attracted millions of users, but many of them complain that the Steam Store does not load after updating the Steam file. This could be due to caching problems with HTML or just a bad internet connection. In this article, I will try to solve the problem of Steam Store not loading.

What causes -7 and -130 error codes in the Steam client

If you’re getting a -7 error code or -130 error code for your Steam client server, there may be more than one problem on your system. You need to fix them all to get access to your site. Problems with error code -7 or error code -130 are temporary and therefore easy to solve. Some of the problems that cause error code -7 or error code -130 may include the following:

  • Internet connection : This is the main problem that caused the error. Check the strength of the connection if you don’t want these errors.
  • Third Party Software : This type of software can prevent a website from loading. Your antivirus program may cause such errors. Third-party applications usually block multithreaded connections to the server. You can check your antivirus settings to resolve the issues.
  • Corrupt or damaged files: Any corrupt or altered system files will also result in an error code of -7 or -130 and will prevent loading the website from the Steam server.
  • DNS cache : It is also possible that the Steam client is unable to load the web page because the IP address associated with the Steam web page URL is incorrect on your computer.

Here are some solutions to solve these problems. If you use one of these methods, you will no longer see the -7 error code or the -130 error code when the web page loads.

Fixing the -7 and -130 error codes in the Steam client

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Reset by

  1. Click on Steam in the upper right corner of the Steam window.
  2. In the pop-up menu that appears, click Exit.
  3. Wait for the Steam client to perform the closing ritual and close.
  4. Press the Windows logo key + R to open the Startup dialog box.
  5. In the Run dialog box, type the following, replacing X: with the full path to the Steam folder on your computer:
    X : Steam Delete.exe
  6. Press Enter to run the Steam client uninstaller.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the Steam client from your computer.
  8. Once the Steam client has been successfully removed from your computer, download the Steam client installer.
  9. After downloading the installer, navigate to the folder where it is saved, run it and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Steam client.
  10. After reinstalling, launch Steam and check for error codes -7 and -130.

Clear the computer’s local DNS cache

When you clear your computer’s local DNS cache, you force the computer to ask for the IP address of every URL it tries to connect to, instead of relying on its own library of URLs and associated IP addresses.

Even if your computer has incorrect IP addresses associated with some or all of the Steam URLs, it will be forced to fetch and store the correct IP addresses when you try to visit them after clearing the DNS cache.

This solution is especially effective when the affected user only sees error codes -7 and -130 on certain pages of the Steam client. To clear your computer’s local DNS cache, do the following:

  1. Press the Windows logo-key + R to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type cmd in the Run dialog box and press Enter to start a new copy of the command line.
  3. On the command line, type the following and press Enter :
  4. IP configuration / DNS dump
  5. Wait until the team is ready.
  6. Start the Steam client and see if the problem is solved.

Restarting the Steam client

If the Steam client has an issue that makes it temporarily unable to connect to Steam servers or retrieve web pages from certain URLs, restarting the Steam client may help resolve the issue. To restart the Steam client, do the following

  1. Click on Steam in the upper right corner of the Steam window.
  2. In the pop-up menu that appears, click Exit.
  3. Wait for the Steam client to perform the closing ritual and close.
  4. If Steam is closed, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager, click on the Processes tab and check that no Steam processes are active.
  5. If only one steam process is started, the steam will stop working.
  6. If the evaporation process has not started yet, you can continue.
  7. Run the steam and check if the problem is solved.

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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

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