Sky Go On Your Smart TV in 2021? { ANSWERED }

So you have the Sky Go app and you’re wondering how to watch it on your smart TV. There are several ways to make Sky Go work on your TV.

In this article I will guide you through the most practical steps. I’ve been fiddling around with Sky Go and my Smart TV to find the best solution for you.


Can I watch Sky Go on my Smart TV?

To watch Sky Go on your Smart TV, you need to connect your laptop, PC or console to your TV’s HDMI port and then launch Sky Go on that device. Sky Go does not support video output to mobile devices and streaming capabilities are limited.

Pay attention: Sky Go is not yet compatible with Chromecast. To use Chromecast to watch Sky Go on a smart TV, the best solution is to hack the screen mirror so you can enjoy your favourite content on the big screen. I’ve listed some other tips below, so if one doesn’t work for you today, you can try another.

I will also provide detailed information on each hack. At the end, I also covered what teens use to access Sky Go, which can be dangerous because it can lead to their information being leaked.

Best ways to watch Sky Go on Smart TV

Sky Go on Smart TV from a laptop or PC (best option)

In order for Sky Go to work with a smart TV via an HDMI cable, you need to mirror your laptop’s screen. You have to do this first:

  1. Connect the computer to the TV via an HDMI cable.
  2. Once it is connected, the computer recognizes the new monitor as a second monitor.
  3. Watch Sky Go.

Although less convenient, using an HDMI cable between your computer and your smart TV is currently the best way to watch Sky Go.

Sky Go on Smart TV consoles (second best option):

Another way to watch Sky Go on a smart TV is through the console. If you have a console, this is probably the easiest option because you don’t have to put your laptop or computer next to the TV or connect any additional HDMI cables.

Remember, you need a Sky Go Extra subscription to watch Sky Go on a console that requires a Sky Go Extra subscription. To find out which fare applies to you, call the Sky hotline (0330 041 3000). Another tip that has led to some confusion: Sky Go is called TV from the sky in the console stores (Xbox and Playstation).

If this is your first time using Sky on a console, you will need to log in from another device to accept the terms. The Sky Go app is available on the PS5, but it may be a little hidden. Find out how to download Sky Go on PS5 here:

  1. Open the Playstation Store
  2. Open the search bar and type TV out of the sky.
  3. Download and install


Sky Go is new to the PS5 and doesn’t seem to be doing very well. Compared to the PS4’s performance, Sky Go on the PS5 is terrible.

I’m talking about problems like wankers, poor picture quality and the like. Conclusion: Sky Go works much better on the PS4, at least for now. Patches to fix Sky Go will likely be available for the PS5 in the near future.

Can I watch Sky Go using an HDMI adapter for phones?

Most phones support video output, but you’ll need to buy an adapter, usually a USB-C to HDMI adapter. Unfortunately, Sky Go has blocked HDMI video output on phones and tablets even when using the adapter.

In most cases, you can reproduce your phone’s screen, but as soon as you open the Sky Go app, you see a black screen. Sky Go does not work with HDMI adapters for mobile devices.

Can I watch Sky Go on my Smart TV?

Most modern TVs have built-in streaming features like Miracast, making it very easy and convenient to stream media from mobile devices. Unfortunately, Sky Go only supports casting features in New Zealand and Australia.

In other areas, including the rest of the UK, the broadcast service is blocked. So you won’t be able to stream Sky Go on Smart TV in the UK. This policy may change in future updates, and I will update this article when Sky enables Go casting for each region. It is not yet known when Sky Go will launch the casting services.

Sky Go on Chromecast casting in the UK:

Here’s an idea you can try playing Sky Go on the Chromecast or TV:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your computer.
  2. In the Chrome browser window, click on the three dots in the right corner that should display a drop-down list and select Drop.
  3. You should see a tab with a list of available broadcast devices.
  4. On the same tab, under Resources, select the option to transfer the entire desktop.
  5. Your desktop will then be mirrored on the Chromecast.
  6. Open the Sky Go application on your computer.
  7. Look at the media.

This remedy has worked for some people, but it is not a guaranteed solution. If this works, you will probably have problems with frame rate and lag when you press the computer screen. If you see a black screen, you probably can’t use this option.

For more information, read my article on how to make Sky Go work with Chromecast.

Casting Sky Go on Chromecast in New Zealand :

Luckily for New Zealanders, Sky Go supports all broadcast services and you can stream on the Sky Go app for Smart TV without any problems.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Updating the Sky Go application on your mobile device
  2. Make sure your device and the Chromecast are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open the Sky Go app and tap the broadcast icon (looks like a TV).
  4. Watch Sky Go on your Chromecast

Sky Go is compatible with the following Foundry services:

  • Airplay
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV

Sky Go on Smart TV with XBOX

Are you an XBOX user? Well, I haven’t forgotten about you. This is what you need:

  • Sky Go Extra subscription
  • Active XBOX account, whether it is a Gold account or not.
  • Select Xbox One applications;
  • Select the Sky tile and press A on the controller to load the application.
  • Open the TV via the Sky app and log in with your Sky ID and password.

Televisionswith integrated chrome plating

You don’t need to buy a Chromecast dongle, some TVs have built-in Chromecast or similar streaming capabilities. Most Android TVs support casting. Here are some models that are known for their foundry services:

  1. Sony XBR-55A8G
  2. Toshiba 32LL3ADB
  3. TCL 32ES568

And much more. The casting function can be called with Miracle. In general, most modern televisions have a casting feature, but it is important to check.

Can I watch Sky Go on my Android TV?

If you have an android, you can download and install the Sky Go app. However, when you select the desired content, a message appears on the screen saying that Sky Go is not compatible with your Android TV.

The same goes for the use of Firestick. You smile for a moment, as you seem to be getting ready for the game. But suddenly a message appears saying they are not compatible. It actually recognises it as HDMI, which by the way is limited to Sky UK.


While there are several ways to run Sky Go on a smart TV, the best options are with a computer or console. Sky Go really doesn’t want non-members watching their media, so they’ve added lots of copyright locks. It’s a shame, especially when other streaming apps offer full casting options, but that’s just the way it is.

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frequently asked questions

Can I set up Sky on my Smart TV?

Can I watch Sky Go on my Smart TV? To watch Sky Go on your Smart TV, you need to connect your laptop, PC or console to your TV’s HDMI port and then launch Sky Go on that device. Sky Go does not support video output to mobile devices and streaming capabilities are limited. Pay attention: Sky Go is not yet compatible with Chromecast.

Can I download the Sky Go app on my Samsung Smart TV?

Re : Can I download the Sky app to my Samsung TV? You can’t download the Sky Go app to your TV, but if you have a computer or laptop and the right cable, you can plug it into your TV and watch.

Which devices support the sky?

The new Sky Go app will be available this summer on iOS, Android, Playstation, Xbox and Amazon Fire Tablet, as well as PC and MAC. Customers can update their existing app for free or download a new version from the app stores of Google Play, Apple and Amazon.

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