Social Media: What does “Ratio” mean?

It can be difficult to keep up the pace with all of the new trending terms on Twitter. If anyone ever wrote “Ratio”, it’s possible that they were confused.

The term is very popular on Twitter, where it’s used by many users.

This article will explain what Ratio or Ratioed means on social media platforms. It also explains how to respond or handle these comments and the importance of being ratioed regardless of social media platform.

Table of Contents

  • What does “Ratioed” mean?
  • Recognizing a Ratio
  • Uncontradictory Measure
  • Twitter and Ratios
  • Additional Places With Ratios
  • What to do if you don’t want your ratios to be too high

What does “Ratioed?” mean?

Ratio is a term that refers to controversial posts and those which receive more comments than likes. A post that is rated negatively or has an opinion gets rejected by the majority of people. If someone posts something controversial or unpopular, this can occur.

You can get some posts ratioed even if they aren’t controversial or divisive. You can also have different fans for competing stars. The term “Ratioed”, which can be used to describe a post, may cause people to view it negatively. This encourages people to comment instead of liking the posts. Twitters may also sometimes be ratioed by being coerced by other profiles.

Identifying a Ratio

It is easy to identify a “Ratioed”, or any other social media platform, post that you are unsure if it meets the criteria. It is easy to spot posts that have a large difference in the amount of comments and likes. The former are much higher than the latter.

Ratio is when the total number of comments to a post exceeds the number of likes, it’s called ratio. You can also look out for comments with the phrase “Ratio” in social media to identify a ratio.

The Controversial Measure

Many times, the tweets that get ratioed are those that were intentionally made to provoke different types of users on Twitter. It is possible to try and tarnish a post with a comment “Ratio”. It can cause a chain reaction of more comments than likes if a post has been ratioed.

Twitter, and Ratios

Twitter is the most popular social media platform, with the largest number of ratioed posts. Twitter is well-known for its controversial posts, which often have many comments. It is not uncommon for Ratios (or any other part) to dominate Twitter.

Social media platform rations have become a big part of many platforms. Celebrities use them to share controversial views on the posts that they do not like. This term, which was originally coined in 2010 and has been used extensively in 2020, is still very popular.

Other places with ratios

Ratios are becoming more popular and can be found on every social media platform. They are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as TikTok, YouTube and many other social media platforms. Reddit is one exception, however, which allows users to downvote posts and express their disinterest.

It is possible to search for posts with ratioed content on social media. Unpopular posts will not be shown to as many people on the majority of platforms. Reddit’s social media platform, the posts with the lowest downvotes are pushed to bottom and marked “Controversial.”

How not to get ratioed

It is not uncommon for people to be ratioed via Twitter on a large scale. This can sometimes lead users to directly message the poster’s Twitter account. A large number of comments on a post can result in many notifications being sent to the poster after it has been rated.

This could be very stressful, unless someone has intentionally “Trolled” people on social media. Avoid being Ratioed by Twitter. Keep controversial posts to a minimum while still posting to an extensive audience.

It is possible to be ratioed if you are a provocateur on the social media platform. To stop getting ratioed on social networks, you should avoid the following.


9:16 Aspect Ratio There is no question that this video aspect ratio is one of the most popular on social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram Stories, or watching videos on TikTok, this vertical shape is primarily used because we see everything on our phones today.12-Jan-2022

Instagram recommends an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 or 1200 pixels by 627 pixels. However, you can actually post a horizontal photo as large as 16:9, or 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. As long as you make the height of your photo 1080 pixels, the quality of your image should be retained.30-Jul-2021

On the social media platform Twitter, a ratio, or getting ratioed, is when replies to a tweet vastly outnumber likes or retweets. This means people are objecting to the tweet and considering its content bad.

What does ratio mean on TikTok? If you have been ‘ratioed’ on TikTok, it usually means that your comment has more replies to it than it has likes. This implies that there are more people disagreeing with your comment than there are people agreeing with it.05-Feb-2022

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Recommended resolutions are 1280×720 (landscape), 720×1280 (portrait), 720×720 (square). Aspect ratios recommended at 16:9 (landscape or portrait), 1:1 (square). 1:1 is recommended as the best route for rendering across devices with the best output.

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