The Advancement of Computer-Generated Animals

Of course people are attracted to animals. Whether you keep them as pets at home or visit them at the zoo, they have an appeal that people honestly don’t have. Cute or ugly, lazy or energetic, big or small, animals are fascinating creatures. This has also been reflected in the entertainment industry, where blockbusters with animals as protagonists are launched.

With computer-generated images dating back to 1958, the animals that appear on our television screens have come a long way, and now you don’t even think they look fake. But if you travel to a time before CGI, the reality of the effects remains to be seen.

Plastic to CGI

King Kong, which premiered in 1933, is one of the most famous gorilla films and is known for its innovative approach to special effects. Although CGI technology was not yet available in the 1930s, manufacturers used the materials that were available, and an 18-foot tall artificial gorilla was born from aluminum, latex, and rubber. Through stop-motion animation, King Kong came to life and quickly tore through the streets of New York.

Since then, King Kong has entered the world of CGI technology, and in 2005 he reappeared on our screens in a remake of the original film. His character has since grown in stature when he returned in the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island, and in 2021 in Godzilla vs. Kong. The evolution of CGI technology is unmistakable: the character of King Kong is becoming more and more realistic. There is no doubt that CGI has revolutionized the entertainment industry by making the unimaginable a reality.

The popularity of this type of CGI technology is evidenced by several other films using it, including Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which again uses modern technology to create ape-like creatures, this time multiple. This technology is moving beyond television, and primate characters like this are appearing in console games like Ancestors: Human Odyssey, as well as online games like the Epic Monkey and Age of Gods online slots.

These slots in particular showcase the advances in CGI, as these games, often considered bite-sized, have the same impressive graphics as the larger games. The spinning reels and captivating graphics and images of famous monsters from legends are an attraction in themselves in these slots, which have to compete with hundreds of other titles on a common platform. Thus, the authenticity and widespread use of such a design demonstrates the value of these computer images used on our screens for various purposes.

The technology behind CGI

Source: Unsplash

Thanks to advances in modern technology, film producers and graphic designers are using CGI technology to create realistic still and moving images. The availability of software such as Adobe and Autodesk Maya makes this task easier by allowing industry professionals to create and customize images using 2D and 3D technology.

Last CGI animals in the movie

In addition to the current King Kong series, the film also features some of the latest computer-generated animals: Rampage, Jurassic World and Twilight. Rampage, last released in 2018, follows a primatologist on a mission to save Earth after three animals are infected with pathogens that cause them to rapidly grow and evolve into disastrous individuals. Working with one of the animals, an albino gorilla, you can use CGI effects to show the realistic nature of the friendship between a human and an animal infected with a pathogen – not something you see every day!

The film industry has undergone significant development over the past 100 years, due in large part to the development of CGI technology. Without them, the realistic animal figures we know and love today would no longer exist, and the unimaginable ones still do.

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