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Because Final Fantasy IX is such a long game and an RPG from an older era, it contains more than enough enemies that make you look like a fool if you don’t know them and don’t know what they can do.

For this list, I’ve listed the scariest monsters in the game – except for the end bosses, they have their own list.

These are the real enemies that the unprepared should not face.

8. Great Dragons

Not surprisingly, the Great Dragons are among the toughest opponents in the game.

Worse, you don’t have to go far to find them randomly on disc 1.

You are the first opponent with more than 10,000 HP that you encounter. So you’re out of luck if you try to beat them early.

These dragons also have a brutal arsenal of skills, namely poison and gunda. Any character hit by a dragon drops dead that early with a single attack.

7. Marlborough

Surprise, I know, but bad breath is enough to get you a spot on this list.

This demon can use bad breath and do a lot of harm to all the characters in your group.

Little known fact: Although the name is spelled Marlborough, it actually reads as Run in plain sight.

Fortunately, they don’t meet until later in the game, so you don’t have to worry about the occasional encounter with one of the 2 discs.

6. Dracosombi

It’s not too dangerous now. But when you first encounter them, they have a level 5 lethal ability.

Which is not so bad… Except that you will encounter these dragons for the first time when your group members have probably reached level 20.

Potential shots aside, these guys are just a little tough. Unless you abuse the items to resurrect them for free shots.

But it’s hard to recommend because your two healers are pretty vulnerable.

If both fail and end in phoenix drops or MP, that could be a disaster for those further up the Iifa tree.

5. Propeller

These often overlooked opponents have a pretty brutal tendency to launch Delta attacks on their team.

Which really hurts.

You meet them at the end of disc 3, so you could say their purpose is to warn you of the increased difficulty that comes in disc 4. But that doesn’t justify the pain these guys go through to kill.

4. Chimera

I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t know. To hell with those guys.

The chimera enemies in Memoria are better known as Oh, I forgot about that disease and I don’t have the equipment to cure them.

They use poison, viruses, heat and freezing.

3 of these 4 can disable (or, in the case of poison, stop) your characters by killing them immediately, and the other prevent you from gaining EXP.

They would be higher on the list, but there are worse enemies to think of. If it means anything to you.

3. Behemoth

These beasts can only be found in the Memoria time warp. This is good news.

Everything else is bad news.

These big boys have guts and tend to fight everything with meteors, which causes a lot of pain to say the least.

24,123 HP is not easy to inflict without messing up some skills like frog drop.

This opponent is vulnerable to Death or Odin to say the least.

2. Yan

My God, these things are scary.

These little guys can only be found on Will’s island in disc 4, and they have it in abundance.

The comet hurts.

Floating + Aera really hurts.

And Snort is just sneaky by pushing the character out of contention and forcing a mafia victory with 3 characters.

It is possible for your entire team to be sent off the field, ending the game.

To really go home, these things don’t travel alone. They usually attack in groups of three.

Have fun!

1. Friendly Yan

Honestly, this guy is almost considered a boss, except you can run into him, usually multiple times.

His stats and strategies absolutely work like a boss.

First of all, he rebukes everything and everyone with a BAAAAAHH!!! that hits incredibly hard, but also silences the party.

The friendly Yang is also immune to most diseases, which makes it even more difficult.

But the Friendly Yan also makes an impressive 65,535 horsepower. That means you have to endure 5-6 less BAAAAAAAAAA!!! if you want to beat this guy.

Just give him the diamond, it’s not worth it.

frequently asked questions

What is the heaviest monster in the MHV?

Listen to

What is the strongest monster in the world?

Godzilla, the king of monsters, is himself the strongest monster in the franchise. Although Godzilla has suffered a few defeats here and there, he usually emerges victorious from his battles.

Is Rajang the strongest monster?

According to legend, Rajan was called the Old Dragon. Although it is a fantastic beast, it is claimed that its strength is equal to that of the Ancient Dragon and that the Raging Rajang is even strong enough to fight against the Ancient Dragons.

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