Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mute Video Downloader safe for my device?    +

Yes, Our first priority is our user's safety. Mute Video Downloader is completely safe to download. No virus, No malware

Where is the video saved after download?   +

When you download videos, they are usually saved in a folder selected by your browser by default. If you cannot find the downloaded videos then follow the instructions given below.

    If you are using Windows, then press Ctrl + J on the keyboard to see the download history.If you are using Mac, then press Cmd + Shift + J on the keyboard to see the download history.If you're using a smartphone, check your browser's default download path or you can find the downloaded file on the phone gallery.

Can I download Live videos?   +

Yes, you can download a live video but only after finishing streaming.

Does Mute Video Downloader works on Mobile devices?   +

Yes, you can use Mute Video Downloader in any mobile browser, The Mute Video Downloader is the responsive and ultra fastest site.