TROYPOINT Polls Reset for August 2021 – Vote For Your Favorite!

TROYPOINT Polls Reset for August 2021 – Vote For Your Favorite!

TROYPOINT Polls Reset for August 2021 – Vote For Your Favorite!

Welcome back to the TROYPOINT Polls, a new series of polls that will be held every few months and will remain up indefinitely, with the first one starting this upcoming Saturday, August 12th. We’re back to the same format as the previous TROYPOINT Polls, but this time we’re going to be having polls that last longer and get more votes, so the results will be much better.

We recently posted up a poll on the TROYPOINT subreddit, as a way to determine what should we build next. We had a lot of great ideas, but we’re firm believers in the power of community and community feedback. While we’ve done a lot of things that way, we also have a few other polls that we run on a semi-regular basis, so we’ve created our first official TROYPOINT Poll. We’re going to post one of these a month, and we’re going to ask you to vote on what we should build next!

Hey everyone. We’re Troypoint and we have decided to reset the polls for August 2021. We have decided that we want to create a poll where you can vote for your favorite game. We think this game will be a great experience and a great future for the website.

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For the month of August, the TROYPOINT Polls have been reset, and we’d want to hear from you.

There are now 11 polls for you to vote on. Let us know which one is your favorite!

These polls keep us informed about popular APKs, addons, builds, streaming websites, and other topics.

By voting for your favorites, you can help guarantee that these streaming services remain functional and relevant in the cord-cutting market.

We also welcome any new app or service ideas you may have.

August 2021 TROYPOINT Polls

To vote for your preferred streaming choices, click on the following links:

If your favorite isn’t mentioned in these polls, just choose Other and input your preference (s).

As a result, TROYPOINT gains fresh ideas and applications that may benefit others.

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Today is the last day to vote and make your opinion known!

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The TROYPOINT polling system, which allows you to rank your favorite games in a variety of categories, is undergoing an update. The goal of this change is to provide you, the user, with more options.. Read more about troypoint supercharge and let us know what you think.

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