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In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to download and activate the VH1 app on your Roku device. But first, let’s take a look at what the app has to offer. The app is a professionally produced content service that provides a variety of programming to satisfy your need for viewing and listening to different genres of music videos. This includes popular music videos and concert clips, as well as a selection of classic videos featuring music stars and bands.

VH1 is one of the best ways to enjoy classic music videos and music videos from all eras. To use the service, you have to download the VH1 app for your device. The app is available on Roku players, Android TV, and Apple TV devices.

VH1 and Roku have teamed up to bring you the “VH1 App”. The VH1 app allows you to watch videos from VH1 and the VH1 Music stream, as well as the VH1 Select channel. The VH1 app is free, and can be accessed through the Roku channel store. To access VH1 through the Roku app, simply launch the Roku app, select “Channels” and then select “VH1” from the list.


You must have an active membership and then activate at vh1.com/activate to view VH1 content on streaming platforms like Roku and smart devices like Android and iOS phones. You can view the greatest programs, complete episodes, and unique material with your family and friends after activating it.

How can I use vh1.com/activate to activate the VH1 App on Roku?

On Roku, you can watch VH1. Here’s how to get it on your digital media player and activate it.

  • Get the VH1 channel on your Roku from your Roku Channel Store. (Select “Streaming Channels” > “Channel Store” > “Add Channel”).


  • Launch the app to get a one-of-a-kind activation code.
  • Go to vh1.com/activate on your PC or smartphone.


  • Then press the “Continue” button.
  • If you’re asked to sign in using your TV provider’s credentials, do so (username and password).

vh1.com/activate – How to Activate VH1 on Apple TV in Steps

Apple TV is another popular streaming platform after Roku. VH1 may be found on Apple TV. Here’s how to activate the channel on your digital media player if you’re using the most recent version.


  • Go to the App Store on your Apple TV by turning it on.
  • Look for the VH1 channel on your television. If you can’t locate it there, enter the name into the search box.
  • When you see the app, click the “Get” button.
  • If you are asked to sign in with your Apple ID, enter your credentials.
  • To launch the app, just touch it.
  • If asked, choose your TV provider, and a unique activation code will be shown.
  • On a separate laptop or smartphone, go to vh1.com/activate.


  • Then press the “Continue” button.

In a matter of minutes, your gadget will be ready. You may begin viewing VH1’s greatest episodes with your friends and family.

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Installing the VH1 Channel on a FireStick: A Step-by-Step Guide

Another streaming option that enables viewers to watch popular VH1 programs is the Amazon FireStick gadget. Take a look at how to install and activate the channel on the FireStick device.

  • Make sure your gadget is turned on and linked to your television (both the devices should have the same Internet connectivity).
  • To go to the Amazon Store, use the remote.
  • Search for the channel from there. You may enter it in manually if you want.
  • After you’ve found the app, install it on your smartphone.
  • If you’re asked to sign in with your Apple ID, type in your email address and password.
  • To get a unique activation code, open the app and choose your TV provider.
  • On your smartphone, go to vh1.com/activate.
  • Click the “Continue” button after entering the 7-digit activation code.

What Do You Need to Do to Get VH1 on Amazon Fire TV?

So you’ve got an Amazon Fire TV set-top box? Don’t be concerned! You can also watch all of your favorite programs and movies on Fire TV. The simplest methods to finish the procedure are listed below.

  • Start the activation procedure by turning on the device and downloading the app from the “Amazon Store.”
  • On the TV screen, launch the app to obtain an activation code.
  • To visit the official vh1.com/activate website, make a note of the code and search for a smart device.
  • Click the “Continue” button after entering the seven-digit code.

Your gadget is now prepared to stream your favorite entertainment.

VH1 Channel is available on Xbox.

Xbox players may view their favorite programs as well.

  • Turn on the device and go to the channel store to download the VH1 app.
  • After you’ve found the app, install it on your smartphone.
  • To obtain your unique code, open the app.
  • On your PC or smartphone, go to vh1.com/activate.
  • Click the “Continue” button after entering the 7-digit activation code.

What is the best way to watch VH1 on Sling TV?

Make sure you’re on the correct plan to watch VH1 on Sling TV. Plans for Sling TV start at $35 per month. You may need to purchase an add-on package to receive VH1 when buying a package. Sling will allow you to watch a variety of additional networks, including A7E, HGTV, and others, in addition to VH1.

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Is your VH1 activation code no longer valid?

Have you encountered an issue when attempting to use the activation code? You may obtain the code by regenerating it and visiting the activation page. If that fails, try reinstalling the VH1 app on your streaming device. Contact the official customer service if nothing else works.

  • Enter a Correct Code: Is the code you entered correct? If not, you’ll double-check that you’re not entering the code incorrectly. Take additional precautions while visiting the activation page.
  • Clear Cookies and Cache Files: Another important factor that you may blame for the VH1 activation code not working error is your web browser. Sometimes your regular browser shows up errors that will prevent you from accessing the desired pages. Before you could access the official link vh1.com/activate, clear cookies & cache files.
  • Make sure your streaming device is up to date: Yes, you’ll need to upgrade your smartphone and make it compatible with the app. If the device is not updated or compatible with the VH1 app, the activation procedure may fail. Complete the process by going to “Settings.”
  • Use a Computer on the Same Wi-Fi Network: Once you’ve written down the activation code, go to the official activation page on a different device. This device should connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your streaming device. Only you will be able to complete the activation procedure this way.


Do you have a question? We’ll do our best to answer your queries in the following commonly asked questions. Please have a look and respond as soon as possible. If you don’t find what you’re searching for, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Q: Can you tell me where I can watch VH1 programming?

A: If you’re searching for ways to watch VH1 television, here are a few tried and true options.

  • Start watching VH1 for free on your streaming device or smart TV, such as a Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android device. You must, however, have a current TV provider subscription.
  • The app is another method to view VH1 programs. Simply download the app on your mobile device and begin streaming.

Q: I’m having trouble watching an episode online. Please assist!

A: There are a number of difficulties that may prohibit you from properly streaming an episode. If an error notice appears or an ad becomes stuck during streaming, you must –

  • Update either the app or the device’s operating system.
  • Restart your Internet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Remove the app, restart the device, then reinstall it. Cookies and cache are removed in this manner.
  • Ensure that you’re both using the same Internet connection.

Q: How can I use the app to watch live television?

A: It’s simple! Use your smartphone to access the VH1 app. Go to the “See What’s On Now” tab and then touch “Watch Live.”

To watch live TV on the internet, go to the official website and choose “Watch Live TV” from the menu.

Q: Is it possible to stream Pluto TV on the app? If so, how would you go about doing it?

A: Open the app and search for the option to “Watch Pluto TV Live.” To watch live, you must now choose a channel. On Pluto TV, closed captioning is available.

You can watch the latest episodes of your favorite VH1 shows on your Roku or Apple TV with the VH1 app. The good news is that you can use this app to watch videos from VH1.com without a cable subscription. The bad news is that it’s not as easy as you think. You need a Roku device to get started, and then you need a VH1 account to activate the Roku app.. Read more about device activation code and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate VH1 on Roku?

VH1 is not available on Roku.

How do I sign up for VH1?

VH1 is a cable TV channel that broadcasts music videos. To sign up for VH1, you will need to contact your cable provider and ask them about the process of signing up for the channel.

How do I sign out of VH1?

VH1 is a television channel that is owned by the company Viacom. To sign out of VH1, you can go to your cable provider and ask them how to do so.

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