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Allagan Tombstones are an in-game currency in Final Fantasy XIV that you can get by completing dungeons, challenges and raids. Tomestone’s primary use is buying end games from sellers around the world in Eorzea.

As you might expect from Final Fantasy, this coin has an interesting story of its own.

Tombstones are valuable records of past eras and are in high demand.

Allagan Thomstons are issued in varying quantities to complete mandatory scrolls, trials, and dungeons. If you look at them, you will notice that they have many different names – such as Thomston Poetics, Laura, Mythology and Phantasmagoria, just to name a few.

The name refers to the level of rewards you can purchase from them, and it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Types of tomsets

As FFXIV developed, the tombstones changed and the previous types fell into disuse.

Allagan’s Poetic Stones are currently the only currency for rewards in Rebirth, Heaven, and Bloodstorm.

Allegory and Revelation tokens are rewards for unlocking Shadowbringer content and can be used to purchase high-end gear.

You can carry up to 2,000 headstones of one type at a time, except for the last one, which has a limit of 450.

Tombstones from the poetics can be used to buy valuable equipment and craft materials. If you’ve recently reached level 50, visiting one of your dealers is a great way to level up quickly.

Just from the scenario and content of the RRA, you will probably have some notion of poetics.

Meoni mount source image.

It is also important to note that reaching level 50 is not enough to gain access to the major tombstone dealers in the three capitals.

You must also complete level 50 of the Weapons of Superiority task in the main scenario to have them appear. It’s essentially the endgame of A Realm Reborn, and dense content at that.

So, depending on your individual playing style, you may not be able to access it right away.

Poetry will continue to be useful as you progress, as an easy way to prepare for alternative jobs once they reach the right level.

Once you reach the 2,000 tombstone limit, anything you earn can be lost. So it’s worth planning the jobs you want to smooth out in the future and buying armor and weapons for those jobs in time.

Where can I spend my Tomestones?

In every major city, there is a supplier who accepts Tomestones.

They can be identified on the map by the blue bag symbol.

Your first step as a new player should be to visit Rowena’s representative in New Gridania, right next to the Aetherite Plaza. There are colleagues in both Lims Lomins and Uldach.

Revenant’s Toll, Idyllshire, Ishgard, Kugane and Eulmore have their own suppliers. This way you can easily get upgrades for your equipment as you progress through the expansion.

Meoni mount source image.

Moogle scavenger hunt events

Introduced for Shadowbringers, Moogle Treasure Chest events collect irregular tomeons that can be redeemed for exclusive rewards in Gridania for traveling moogle’s.

When the Treasures event begins, call Duty Finder and look at the list.

Tasks marked with a small Moogle badge reward you with irregular tomes, which you can then redeem for a random selection of old items and a new one.

Treasure Trove events are usually available for the latest patch.

What is it doctor?

In short, you can use Allagan’s poetic tombstones to greatly improve your gear after reaching milestones in FFXIV’s massive story.

The Allegory and Revelation tombstones offer you powerful endgame material in exchange for clearing your current content.

And as the game ages, the tombstones will become obsolete and new ones will take their place – but their practical purpose will remain the same: By helping them get new and better material.

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