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9GAG Video Downloader – Quick, Free and Unlimited

9GAG Video Downloader – Quick, Free and Unlimited
9GAG Video Downloader

Welcome to 9GAG Video Downloader – Quick, Free and Unlimited!

9GAG is a popular site for sharing funny pictures, memes and videos. It comes second only to Youtube because of the sheer number of daily users it has. Now there are quite a few sites that let you download video from 9GAG, but they either have too many ads or won’t allow you to download directly without using their software.

On our website we allow you to download any video from 9GAG directly and for free. Even better, we don’t even require any software installation.

How To Use 9GAG Video Downloader

As mentioned in the introduction, there are plenty of sites that allow you to download videos from 9GAG. The most obvious reason for this is that many people ask us how they can download a video from 9GAG.

When you come to this site you don’t have to worry about downloading videos from 9GAG. Just paste the link of any video you want to download head over to our homepage if it contains an mp4 format, otherwise, click on the “Download” button under the title.

We now offer a service where you can convert any video (even youtube and Vimeo) into mp3 files and download them too. As mentioned, we also support downloading videos directly from 9GAG.

Just copy and paste the URL of your favourite video in the box above and press enter. You will be redirected to a page where you can preview and select quality for the file before starting to download.

This is all done with our third-party video downloader directly from 9GAG. No software needed, no ads. Just pure downloading speeds so you’ll probably have the file in your computer faster than it takes to read this sentence.

How to download videos from 9GAG online?

9GAG Video Downloader

You will need to follow these steps to download any video from 9GAG online.

Easy steps to download videos from 9GAG with 9GAG Video Downloader:

1.  Paste the URL of your favourite 9GAG video into the text box above and press enter to start downloading;

2. Pick a format and a resolution for your file;

3. Download directly from our website or use your favourite third-party video downloader to get an mp3 file (sound only);

4. Watch your downloaded files on almost any device such as PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone;

No Premium or Free Service Fees Required

We are not asking for any fees whatsoever to use our website. We don’t want money, we’re just doing this for the sake of sharing and spreading the love.

We also don’t need anyone’s credit card number. We want to remain anonymous. You can use our website without entering any personal information at all.

No one will ever ask you for a give-away, no one will ever send you an email asking for personal details. We do this for free and it will always be made available to everyone looking to download video from 9GAG.

Why You should use our service

Our website is the result of plenty of work that went into creating a very easy-to-use interface. The entire website was built with one goal in mind: providing you with an easy way to download videos from 9GAG.

We are offering the highest quality online video downloading service that is available today, and we’re doing it for free. We’re giving out more than what you expect from us. Instead of just downloading mp4 files like some sites do, here on our website you have the option to download any video from 9GAG in different qualities.

The following options are available for you to choose from HQ, MQ and LQ. All three of these resolutions will also be available for mp3 audio conversions if that’s something you want.

What our website does not do is scan your computer looking for viruses or malware. We are not interested in gathering any personal information, nor do we use this website to increase your traffic.

We are simply here to give you a service that every 9GAG user needs. Without us, you would have to spend hours searching for the right video downloader just so you can watch the videos on your computer or on your mobile device.

We took all of this hassle away from you, so if anything happens on our website please contact us by email instead of writing a bad review. If you do not find what you are looking for or run into any kind of trouble on our website then let us know and we will fix it as soon as possible.

9GAG – Your best source of fun!

It’s no surprise to anyone, we all know 9GAG is the best platform where you can find funny and crazy videos of your favourite internet memes. We all love it and we hope you do too.

What many of us don’t know however is that there are lots of websites out there that not only claim to provide a 100% free service but actually follow through with it. Yes, you read correctly! There are plenty of sites out there that will let you download videos from 9GAG for free without asking for your credit card number or any other personal details.

What makes our website different is that we have been offering this service for years, successfully. We are not a new website trying to get famous by copying others’ work and saying it’s ours.

We were one of the first sites of our kind to offer the downloading of videos from 9GAG in HQ quality. We’ve been online since the very beginning when most websites only had standard quality mp4 files to offer their users.

Not everybody knows this, but there are actually lots of different sources on 9GAG. Yes, you read that right. You can actually download videos from 9GAG using different sources. We’re not talking about different resolutions either, we’re talking about different video formats which are usually incompatible with one another.

Say you want to view that funny new Rick Roll meme on your tablet which runs on Android, or on your Windows Phone device? Which format is better for this? MP4 of course! How would you like it if the file did not play because it was the wrong format?

The only way to make sure your video plays in all devices is by downloading it in multiple qualities and also by choosing each source individually. This is exactly what our website offers, but most websites out there do not support this due to a lack of resources or other reasons. We do!

Once you start downloading your files, you’ll see why we’re not like all the others. Not only can we offer to deliver videos in HQ and MQ resolutions, but we also support other formats. These are just some of the formats that you can choose from when downloading your video files from 9GAG.

You should also know that there is a difference between quality and source type. Not all sources will give you an HQ resolution download simply because it has the highest quality available for this given video. To get high-quality videos, look for HD upscaled videos which provide the maximum amount of clarity after conversion to mp4 format. Many websites claim to provide HQ videos, but what they don’t tell you is that these are not the same source as the original. The so-called HQ files are simply upscaled files that lose a lot of sharpness and detail after being converted to mp4 format.

This is so important for our users because if somebody were to download an HQ file only to find out it wasn’t actually in high quality, they would certainly be disappointed. This is why we’re here! To avoid people from being swindled into believing something will happen only for them to receive something different entirely.

Download Videos from Multiple Sources

As we mentioned above, you can download videos from 9GAG using different sources. Not only that but you can also download a video in multiple qualities.

Can’t decide what quality to download? Don’t know which one is the best for my device? What if they don’t support my operating system? This is easily resolved by simply selecting each source individually and choosing the one that gives us the highest resolution at your desired bitrate!

The beauty of this way of solving the problem is that it allows users to determine which source has the highest resolution instead of automatically downloading a video with a standard quality. Some sites out there do not allow you to choose each source manually because it takes more effort on their part to make sure everything works as intended, but we’re here to make sure you always get the best experience possible.

This is very important for users who want to play videos on many different devices at once! For example, you can download an HQ video today and tomorrow download an MQ version of the same video and they will both work on your phone (Android or IOS). You do not have to worry about compatibility if you use our site because everything just works.

Download Audios with Different Quality

This is possible too with our service. You can download the audio of your video at different qualities, or you can even convert it to MP3 format if that’s your preferred choice. We support all those formats as well! Cool right? Downloading audios from 9GAG has never been easier!

You should also make sure to click the sound icon instead of the “x” once you finish downloading a video. Luckily for you, we will tell you when a better quality version is available and all you have to do is confirm that’s the one that you want by clicking on “download selected.” Simple as pie!

9GAG video downloader online

You can download 9GAG videos online on our website! Just look for the “Download” button on our site. and paste the URL in the above box. It’s that simple to download videos online without any ads, popups or another hassle! ​

We hope you enjoy your stay on our website. Make sure to bookmark us and tell your friends about us!

If you have any questions or concerns, drop by the comment section below so we can address them immediately. Our community is the most important thing for us because it’s through this interaction that we improve ourselves as a service so everybody wins in the end! Tell your friends about our free video d/l site because every friend means more downloads for everyone! 🙂