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"Our Tool is a powerful but free online video downloader that allows you to download videos from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Vimeo, Twitch, and many other websites."

Our goal is to provide you with free access to an easy-to-use tool for downloading all kinds of videos. The main idea behind the site’s development was a great tool that would allow users to search for whatever they need and then get it in just one click without any limitations. We have been working hard on creating something new, really useful, and helpful for our visitors - now we are finally ready to share it with you! We have been testing Mute Video Downloader since its very beginning as nothing matters more than your satisfaction! It has been created with the most user-friendly interface so that everybody can use it without any problems.

Twitter Video Downloader Online: Download Videos & GIFS Online & Free!

Twitter Video Downloader
Twitter Video Downloader

Welcome to Twitter Video Downloader! we got you covered with the best tool for downloading Twitter videos.

Twitter is one of the biggest social media networks with more than 500 million users. It has been in the market for quite a long time, yet it continues to attract many new users. Many of us are using Twitter at least once in our day-to-day life. Whether you use Twitter on your desktop or mobile device, people share interesting videos clips, photos, and audio on Twitter which you can play directly or download to your device.

If you want to download videos from Twitter then this Tool is all you need. We have made this tool especially for people like you who want to enjoy Twitter videos on their smartphones even when they have weak or no internet connection. Twitter Video Downloader

Our online Twitter video downloader allows you to download videos in 3 different qualities – High, Low, and Medium. You can choose anyone according to your device speed and internet connection.

The best part about using our tool is that it automatically detects the video quality when you click on the ‘Download’ button so you do not have to worry about finding the right quality again. This reduces the load on your mind in selecting the appropriate quality for your device.

With our fantastic tool, you can download an unlimited number of videos directly to your computer or mobile device. There are no limits whatsoever in downloading videos from Twitter with our simple tool! Just go through the signup process (if required) by filling up a form and getting ready to use our free tool.

How to use the Twitter video downloader website?

Steps to download videos to phone

Follow the following steps for using our Twitter video downloader tool.


    The first step is to copy the link to the video you want to download. You will have to click on the three dots and then select “Copy Link” in order to copy the URL of the video.


    Now you will have to paste the URL in the white box above.


    Lastly, press the “Download” button. The tool will automatically start downloading your video in the selected quality and give you a download link to download it for offline watching on your computer or mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions About Twitter Video Downloader

Can I download private videos from Twitter?

No, as of now you cannot download private videos from Twitter as they are protected. In the future, if Twitter changes its terms and conditions, we will update our tool to include this feature.

Can I download multiple videos at a time?

Yes, you can easily download a number of videos at a time.

Why does the “Download” button turn into a pausing button when I try to download?

This happens when we detect that you have not selected any video quality and it is set to High by default. If you want, you can change the quality in settings according to your requirement

Is it necessary to create an account in order to use this tool?

No, it is not necessary. Our tool does not require any kind of registration or signup! Just paste the link and start downloading! We respect your privacy so no data is needed from our users.

Is it possible to download videos in HD quality?

Unfortunately, you cannot download videos from Twitter in HD quality. However, we have made sure that you can download videos with 3 different qualities – High, Low, and Medium. Feel free to select the appropriate video quality for your device.

How to download Twitter video on iPhone?

The process is pretty much the same as what you will have to do on your computer. Downloading videos from Twitter using our online tool is easy and simple!

Does your downloader have any limits for downloading?

No, you can download as much as you want. There are no limits whatsoever!

How to watch or listen to Twitter Videos?

You can either play the video directly in your browser or download it on your computer for offline playing. You can even transfer these files to your mobile device and watch them later when you have no internet connection!

What video format do you support?

We support all the popular video formats including AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG and 3GP. This makes it easy for anyone to play their downloaded videos!

Where are the files stored on my device?

Your downloaded files are stored by default in the “Downloads” folder of your computer. You can easily locate it by clicking on the Windows logo and typing ‘Download’ in the search box. The ‘Downloads’ folder will be visible to you there.

Where are my files stored if I download them using my iPhone or iPad?

The files are stored in your “Downloads” folder by default. On an iOS device, it is located in the “iTunes_Control\Music” or “iTunes_Control\Downloads” folder depending on which iOS version you’re running.

If you have issues downloading Twitter videos from this website, let us know by contacting us! We are here to help you with any problems that may arise.

Thank you for choosing our site. We hope you have a great time downloading videos from Twitter using our Twitter video downloader tool. Remember – if in doubt, just contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you!

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