7 Ways to Fix Twitter Notifications Not Working

You can keep track of what is happening on Twitter by using notifications. You’ll be notified when connections interact with you tweets and follow new accounts. Sometimes notifications stop working and you are left wondering who liked, retweeted or commented on your post. This is frustrating for users. However, there are solutions to Twitter notifications problems both on iOS and Android.

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  • Seven Ways to Make Twitter Notifications Work

    • Solution 1: Go to Twitter’s notification settings
    • Solution 2: Use the Do Not Disturb/Silent Mode to turn off.
    • Solution 3: Verify your Device Notification Settings.
    • Solution 4. Solution 4.
    • Solution 5. Clear Your Media and Web Store
    • Solution 6. Solution 6.
    • Solution 7. Solution 7.
  • How do you fix a twitter notification that doesn’t work for one user?
  • What can you do if your chrome browser does not support twitter notifications?
  • What is the reason I don’t get Twitter notifications on time?

How to fix Twitter notifications that are not working

These are seven solutions to help you if you don’t get Twitter push notifications or mobile notifications for your iPhone or Android.

Solution 1 – Check Twitter’s Notification Options

You can use Twitter notifications to find out when people have liked, commented on, or replied to your tweets. You should check this checklist if you still don’t receive any Twitter notifications about replies or likes. These are the steps to follow:

Log in to your Twitter account

– On the left hand side , click on the Notifications.

– In parallel to the Notifications text, click on the Settings icon.

Go to the Notifications Section and make sure they’re set up as you want them. If you want to always know who is reading your posts online, you may need all notification options on.

Choose the types of notifications that you want to receive about your interests, activities and recommendations. There are two choices filter, and Preferences. These options allow you to modify your notification settings.

Solution 2: Turn Off Do Not Disturb or Silent Mode.

Turning off Silent Mode or Do Not Disturb is the first step to fix Twitter mobile notifications not functioning on Android and iPhone. These modes will cause your iPhone to not vibrate when it receives a notification. It may also make it difficult for you to determine if there were any.

These settings can be changed on iPhone by going to Settings > Do not Disturb > turning the toggle next to “Manual”, so it reads ON, instead of OFF.

Go to Settings > Audio & Notification Preferences-> choose which apps will send you notifications. Some people prefer this method for their text messages. Scroll down to turn off the sounds from each app in Alerts and Sounds that Can Play Through Other Apps.

The next step is to locate the “Do Not Disturb” option on your phone’s main menu. You can then toggle it ON/OFF depending on what you need.

Solution 3 – Check your Device Notification Settings.

Twitter notifications that are disabled for all apps may be the reason they do not work.

This problem can be fixed by going to Settings and making sure there is a checkmark beside “Twitter“.

You can also use this solution if you want only to be notified from certain accounts, groups or individuals.

Solution 4. Solution 4.

Checking for new updates is the first step to fix Twitter notifications not being working. You can do this on the app as well as the website version of Twitter. Go to Settings > General and then click “Update Now”. This can be accomplished if you’re using iOS or Android.

Try updating Safari to see if it helps. To see if it helps, you can delete the cache from your browser and then reinstall it. This may take some time, but it should fix any problems you have previously experienced.

These other factors could also be a factor in Twitter not receiving notifications.

It could be that the app is using an older version of the OS ___. You might encounter compatibility problems. If you are able, update your OS. To see if that doesn’t work, you can uninstall it and then reinstall it.

Solution 5. Clear Your Media and Web Store

If you receive regular notices that your account was suspended, Apple’s media store and web store can be found under the Settings app.

This deletes any data from websites and applications visited on your device. It doesn’t cause errors with third-party updates like Netflix or Facebook running correctly again.

Solution 6. Solution 6.

It is important to ensure that you have a Wi Fi network, or mobile data connection. This can sometimes interfere with your notification settings. You shouldn’t depend on strong signals; WiFi is better than cellular networks for maintaining stable connections when browsing the internet.

Also, make sure that your battery is charged up. If it does run out it will stop sending push notifications.

After you’ve checked your Twitter account and verified that it is active, check to make sure your internet connection works. If necessary, you will need to follow the steps for checking your internet connection and setting it up again.

First, connect to another Wi-Fi network or wire into your modem to determine if there is a problem. If this proves to be the issue, go to Settings > Network and Internet on Windows devices or System Preferences> Network on macOS devices.

You’ll find two choices: Wi-Fi (or wireless), and Ethernet. Make sure you have them set up for the device you are using. If they’re not, click on the toggle switch beside “WiFi” or Ethernet.

Also, make sure your modem’s power is off and that it is connected to the internet. This can be checked by accessing Settings > Internet & Internet for Windows or System Preferences> Network on macOS. For more details, contact your ISP if you still have internet connectivity problems even after changing these settings.

Solution 7. Solution 7.

Report the issue to Twitter if your notifications stop working or only occasionally. You can do this on the website, by clicking the “Report A Problem” button at the top of every timeline page.

It is important to tell them which platform (mobile browser or mobile app) and what device (desktop computer/laptop) you’re using when reporting a problem. They might ask you more detailed questions, depending on the amount of information they need about your account such as your IP address.

How to fix a twitter notification that doesn’t work for one user?

Twitter notifications form a fundamental part of Twitter’s experience. These notifications let you know when someone likes or retweets your tweet or if they follow you. iOS can notify you when there’s new activity within the app, such as mentions or DM’s, if it is configured to do so. While these alerts usually work well for most people, some users have found that Twitter not working on their phone at all times.” #twitternotifications

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Fixing twitter not working in chrome

Follow these simple steps to resolve Twitter notifications not working in Chrome browser.

Method 1 : Chrome users can open the Settings, then go to Privacy & Security. Select Site Settings.

Next , click on Notifications in the permissions section. You will be able to see which sites have been allowed to transmit notifications, and which sites have been blocked.

Now locate the Twitter.com domain and see in which section it falls. Click on the three dots next to the twitter.com link, and select allow. You have now successfully resolved the Twitter notification error in Chrome browser.

Step 2: Open twitter.com with your Chrome browser. Now, click the lock icon next to the Twitter URL in your chrome search bar. As shown below. The next step is to click on Site Settings.

A new tab will open with this URL – chrome://settings/content/siteDetails?site=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com OR you can copy and paste this URL in your chrome search bar to one Twitter notification setting in chrome.

Find the notification with the bell icon above and then you’ll see the settings. You can choose to block the Twitter notification, or allow it to be asked.

You can enable Twitter to notify you without your consent by selecting Allow options. Twitter will then ask you to Reload the page, as seen in the image below.

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Is it possible to get Twitter notifications too late?

When your phone is in airplane mode or offline, Twitter notifications may be delayed.

Make sure you are connected to the internet. If that fails, turn off airplane mode. This may resolve your notification issues. You can update Twitter to make sure the latest version is not pushed. You can also go to settings and enable apps access via Wi-Fi networks. If this does not work, you should select the “yes” option next time that you visit these places. For the most recent information on how Twitter fixes notification problems, make sure you have all of your updates applied.

If twitter notifications become delayed, you may need to disable low priority push to allow the Twitter app download messages at a lower bandwidth. This is because it doesn’t connect with Wi-Fi and cellular services. Under “Priority”, tap the “Low” option in Settings->Notifications.


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you can keep track of what is happening on Twitter by using notifications and you will be notified when connections interact with your tweets and follow new accounts. Sometimes notifications stop working and you are left wondering who liked, retweeted or commented on your post.

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