LimeVPN Hacked – Thousands of User’s Data Exposed & Sold

LimeVPN Hacked – Thousands of User’s Data Exposed & Sold

LimeVPN Hacked – Thousands of User’s Data Exposed & Sold

With no warning, thousands of LimeVPN users have been forcefully redirected to a phishing page that claims to be from the VPN service, when in fact it was created by hackers and used to conduct a massive data leak. This incident is being called the biggest and most successful phishing attack ever due to its sheer size and the thousands of people involved.

LimeVPN is a free VPN service that has been in operation since 2015 and was founded by a pair of like-minded developers. In the wake of the personal information breaches that have plagued such companies as Uber, Zomato, and MySpace, LimeVPN recently made headlines for another reason.

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LimeVPN, a VPN service, was recently hacked, exposing the personal information of thousands of users.

The hacker has taken the whole contents of LimeVPN’s website server, turning this scenario into a full website breach.

They’re also selling tens of thousands of user data on the dark web and on hacker forums.

Over 69,000 LimeVPN customers are thought to be in danger of having their data exposed.

This information comes from Privacy Sharks, who spoke with the hacker directly about the issue.

The hacker hacked and revealed over 69,000 records, as you can see in the image below.


IP addresses, emails, passwords, payment information, and other sensitive information are among the records.

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The hacker then made the following posts on RaidForums, a prominent hacker forum:

This situation has turned into a full website breach, as the hacker has stolen the entire contents of LimeVPN's website server.

Visit the RaidForums website to read the whole discussion about the LimeVPN data leak.

LimeVPN is a low-cost VPN service headquartered in Hong Kong that has servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, India, France, Sweden, and other countries.

LimeVPN advertises itself as a “cheap VPN service provider” directly on their main page, touting their $1/month membership plan.

As seen right on their home page, LimeVPN heavily promotes itself as a "cheap VPN service provider" that boasts their $1/month subscription plan.

They, like other cheap and free VPN services, lack the security infrastructure that premium VPN providers have.

They also earn the bulk of their money without their awareness by selling user data to other parties.

We won’t be seeing major data breaches with user data exposed and frequently sold on the dark web for a long time.

We’ve seen numerous examples of user data being gathered and exposed without their knowledge in the past.

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The YTS torrent site is handing up user information.

This is another reason why utilizing a reliable and secure VPN service is essential. Using an anonymous email account serves the same purpose.

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Overall, it will be fascinating to watch how this LimeVPN issue develops, and we will keep our viewers updated if any significant developments occur.

You may read the entire report on Privacy Sharks for more information on this topic.

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