What is a Twitter Chat? How can I host one?

Twitter’s global reach is growing every day. People are becoming more active on Twitter and connecting with others around the globe through shared interests and points of view. Twitter chats can be used to accomplish exactly this.

You don’t like crowds or noisy chats and want to meet people with the same interests and backgrounds as you, then Twitter Chat might be for you.

We have attempted to answer everyone’s questions about what a Twitter Chat and how one can participate or host it.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Twitter Chat?
  • Use Twitter Chat to Benefit Yourself
  • Is Twitter Chat still popular?
  • What is a Twitter Live Chat?
  • How to participate in a Twitter Chat

    • Step 1. Choose the chat you are most interested in attending.
    • Step 2: Get ready for the next chat.
    • Step 3: Search for the hashtag in Twitter, and get involved with the conversation.
    • Step 4: Be resourceful
  • What is the best way to find relevant Twitter chats
  • Host your Twitter chat

    • Get ready for your Twitter conversation
    • Execute the chat
    • It’s all wrapped up
  • Conclusion

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter account can host a chat on Twitter. These are virtual conversations that go public and can be recurring. These chats are held weekly, monthly or at a specific time. Anyone can participate using the hashtag.

Moderators or hosts pose questions to the participants and invite them to respond with their views and opinions. These chats are similar to an in-person conversation. They start with an introduction, and end with some closing notes. Participants should be polite and respectful while sharing their views.

Twitter Chat

  • Increase Professional Reach:Twitter chat is an excellent way to connect with professionals from similar backgrounds. You can use it to increase brand authority and accelerate your businesses. You can also meet influential industrial leaders, ask their feedback and get their help.
  • Get Information:By simply participating in Twitter chats you can learn many valuable pieces of information as well as gain knowledge from other people. A tip from someone in a distant country might help you solve your biggest marketing problem.
  • Increase Your Social Media Followinger Base:Hosting Twitter chats would help you reach your audience. This will increase your social media presence exponentially.

Twitter Chats Still a Thing?

Twitter chats have seen a decline in traffic over time as those who tried to get involved with the trend but didn’t succeed and therefore lost out on the benefits of it, have stopped hosting them. It is still very popular. The most influential and valuable people in the sector have left, but it has become a more compact group.

What is a Twitter Live Chat?

Twitter chats are always set up for the same time and date as they start. The chat usually starts with the host or other principal participant introducing themselves and tweeting their question.

A good example of this would be:

Q1: What is the mathematics in Problem based learning (PrBL), or PBL? #pblchat #mathchat

Tweeted on March 4, 2020 by @LeahRossHenry

The participants would add “A” to their answers and then tweet them using the hashtag that was mentioned at the start of the chat.

A1: My class teaches statistics and decision-making math. We use PBL every day! PBL is used to help students understand the concepts and connect them to real-world situations. #pblchat #mathchat

Tweeted on March 4, 2020 by @scantrellmath

The host may then reply to the questions or continue the conversation.

The host then moves onto the next question after a while. These prompts all revolve around a single topic, and the process goes on until it is finished. These chats last about an hour.

The host thanks everyone for their participation and also shares information about the next chat.

Participate in Twitter Chat

Although Twitter chats can be a great way to increase your network, you might not know how to sign up for one. We will show you how in just a few steps.

Step 1. Choose the chat you are most interested in attending.

You can do some research and find hashtags that are most important to you. Then, invite your friends to join the conversation. These chats are regularly held, so there is always a page that has a schedule of upcoming times and topics for you to choose from.

2nd Step: Get ready for the chat.

You can read up about the chat topic before you go and bring your questions and opinions to the discussion.

To break the ice, reach out to those who attended previous chats. Your responses will be more engaging among the other participants if you do this.

3rd Step: Search the hashtag on Twitter to get involved in the conversation

Be polite and brief to your friends about how many tweets are coming from your account before you start the conversation. Jump into the conversation as soon as you start the chat.

If you wish, you can provide a brief introduction. You can always check the Twitter feeds of other users by clicking the “Latest tab” and continue to share your thoughts.

4: Be resourceful.

Share unique insights, solutions and advice that will benefit your fellow participants in this conversation. You will be able to stand out among the rest. People will be more interested in you hosting your Twitter chats if they like what you tweet.

Be prepared to provide reference images, videos and gifs as well as links. This will help you shine. Don’t forget hashtags in all of your tweets. Have fun and enjoy the process!

Find the most relevant Twitter chats

You have many options to locate the most relevant Twitter chats. These include Tweet Reports and Chat Salad. Twubs lists all scheduled Twitter chats on the platform and shows them in order of interest.

You can search for hashtags related to Twitter chats. Other hashtags might also be found there. To find out the hashtags that your industry leaders are using, you can look up their profiles.

Host your Twitter Chat

Are you tired of participating in twitter chats? Do you feel ready to host one yourself? These steps will help you host a Twitter chat that is successful.

Create your Twitter conversation

You would need to prepare for hosting a twitter chat than you were in the past.

1. Make sure you have a topic that is engaging and a structure for the questions. Keep in mind your audience’s interests.

2. You should create a regular twitter chat that does not overlap with any other chats in your industry. Mention the dates and times, then create a loose schedule. When creating this calendar, be sure to consider your target audience’s time zones.

3. Use a simple hashtag to match your chat topic. Consider inviting special guests to your chats. They can bring more people along and offer better insights into the topic.

4. You can promote your Twitter chat before it happens. To get maximum engagement, tweet about the topic, include it in your bio and let your followers know.

Using the chat

Now it is time for the actual chat.

1. To make things easier, schedule your tweets in advance. To help you conduct chats, it is a good idea to get another pair of eyes.

One person can tweet, interact with participants and make sure that everything runs on time. The other analyzes interactions and engagements within your chats.

2. You should be a great host, and do your best to steer the conversation so it doesn’t get off track. Sometimes, however, conversations can turn around in a new way that can prove to be very informative and helpful.

3. To keep the conversation going, engage with participants. You can retweet or quote others and then reply to those who have the most interesting responses. Ask your network to maintain a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone to participate. Make sure to use lots of graphics and encourage people to use your hashtag.

Wrap it up

Thank everyone who participated in the chat and thank the host for their hospitality. Use this time to encourage people to visit a resource or promote your chat.

create a list of participants on Twitter and engage outside the chat. Track hashtag usage, mentions and growth of followers to create a plan for improvement in your next chat.

Don’t forget to save all information from the chat. Use them in your articles, blogs or videos to maintain the momentum you have with your audience.


If you are able to master Twitter chat, it can become your greatest weapon. These chats will grow your followers and audience, establish your brand authority, and help spread your message in the most effective ways. Your brand will experience success with Twitter chat.



“Twitter’s global reach is growing every day. People are becoming more active on Twitter and connecting with others around the globe through shared interests and points of view.” People can use Twitter chats to accomplish exactly this- connect with people that share their interests.

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