Which Android Emulator is better: Bluestacks or LDPlayer?

LDPlayer: Blue shirts – 1:0

2. Number of advertisements

Bluestacks was originally a commercial project. Older users may remember that this emulator was a paid product. Not anymore – but there are many ads that don’t just appear on the loading screen.

On your Bluestacks desktop, you constantly have virtual shortcuts that lead to download pages for certain games promoted by Bluestacks. You can delete these shortcuts, but they will reappear soon.

In the LDP layer, it is much simpler. The App Store contains ads developed by LDPlayer. But on the home screen, LDPlayer keeps everything clean and the program doesn’t show ads while you use it.

When LDPlayer is run, the emulator also advertises itself. Of course, it is possible that as the number of ads increases, more ads will appear in this program. But so far LDPlayer wins in this parameter as well.

LDP layer : Blue shirts – 2:0

3. Predefined control parameters

For the most popular games, emulator developers try to create preset control settings. You can download a new game and be surprised that you have nothing to customize. All the keys are already there.

This situation can occur with Bluestacks and LDPlayer. The developers keep a close eye on the video game market and add presets in a timely manner.

At the same time, LDPlayer is a Chinese program and it makes sense that settings for popular games in China can appear very quickly.

In this case, many control parameters are tested before the total release. Nevertheless, we recognize the equality of the two emulators in this parameter. The developers of both emulators are doing a good job.

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LDP layer : Blue shirts – 3:1

4. Ease of use of the interface

Since its inception, Bluestacks has strived to create its own software interface that is appreciated by most users.

Unlike Nox and most other emulators that simply use the Android UI, the Bluestacks developers are doing something that is their own, and it’s a strategy they continue to employ today.

At first it wasn’t so bad, as they tried to add custom minigames and extra features to the emulator.

Over time, new features were added, downloads took longer, and the mini-games and integrated store were no longer really needed.

This makes the emulator overloaded with unnecessary features while the user only needs it as a convenient launcher to run mobile games.

At the same time, LDPlayer doesn’t add anything superfluous to the interface. On the right side of the program window is the default desktop of the Android device and a set of necessary settings.

In our opinion, this is much more practical.

LDP layer : Blue shirts – 4:1

5. Location

Since Bluestacks is developed and supported by an American company, there are no localization issues here. But Chinese developers have also recently learned to produce quality translations.

Of course, there are errors in the interface, but these cases are rare and not critical. It must be admitted that Bluestacks is bug-free, and therefore the American program wins here.

LDP layer : Blue shirts – 4:2

6. Game performance

As of version 4, Bluestacks has grown into a highly productive emulator that is being noticed by weak PC owners.

However, the emulator itself also consumes a lot of resources, for example. B. through the interface. It takes a long time to load.

LDPlayer works very well, even with heavy games, but makes it easier and faster. And the developers of LDPlayer make regular updates to improve compatibility. So the Chinese emulator wins in this category.

LDP layer : Blue shirts – 5:2

So we compared the emulators according to the five main criteria. According to the results of the comparison, LDPlayer has won a convincing victory!

Bluestackers won in only one category – location. But honestly, you can’t say it’s bad in LDPlayer either. Here everything is clear, and mistakes are not critical.

Otherwise, the emulators are tied or the win goes to LDPlayer. The most important factor is performance.

If you also want to test these two emulators, you can download them from the links below.

⇒ Get LDLPlayer

⇒ Get the Bluestack

What do you think of these emulators? Do you agree with the results of the comparison? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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