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Want to modernize your Sim’s kitchen?

Everyone knows you need a good fridge, stove and even a coffee maker.

But you can forget one thing that really binds the kitchen together: Island counters.

If you want something more than what a vanilla lot can offer, let’s take a look at the cleanest, sharpest, and most unique CC kitchen island available online.

As someone who just had her kitchen renovated, believe me when I say it’s worth it.

Let’s go!

9. Cali Island meter

Look at this CC

The creator Minsim gave us this island inspired by Kali, the CC counter.

It is predominantly straight with a curved finish at the end that serves as a place for bar stools.

The original texture is a light hazelnut brown, perfect for any kitchen with a rustic look.

There are a total of 6 patterns with unique combinations for the tray and base.

8. Marie’s Kitchen Counter

Look at this CC

This next island countertop will fit perfectly in most kitchens, regardless of their style.

This is a standard S-shaped countertop with a unique finish ranging from white marble to brittle brown.

ArwenKaboom gives us a choice of 8 colors, so we have enough variety to see which look works best for your kitchen.

If you don’t want to look at a kitchen island, but are just looking for something that works, this CC is worth a look.

7. Budby Balie Island

Look at this CC

ArtVitalex offers us a unique kitchen island with this Budbyn CC countertop.

With its dark colors, this kitchen island looks best in a space with gray/dark tones, appliances and/or room color.

With 3 unique designs, the feature is a black diamond finished countertop with a bright gray design for the base of the countertop.

This can give a great look to the kitchen by emphasizing steel textures and shades of gray.

6. Series 1 cooking island

Look at this CC

Have you always wanted a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table?

Look no further.

The LunaticaVillage cooking island consists of a plain cooking island with a countertop ending in a rounded section.

This area could use some chairs, or just an extra space to catch the clutter.

It can be the perfect place for the family to gather while someone blows out the candles on a blue confetti cake.

5. Umbrella counter island

Look at this CC

Here is another S-shaped island where we have a well-designed countertop.

Popular designer Winner9 offers beautiful umbrellas on these counters, almost as bright as a typical bowling alley.

CC is available in 4 patterns and is one of the most beautifully designed items on this list.

Fits well in a house near the beach.

4. Counter naturalis

Look at this CC

Many of the kitchen islands listed here are missing an important element: Storage space.

SIMcredible solves this problem with this Naturalis meter.

It has an L-shaped worktop with plenty of shelves and cupboards to store all your kitchen utensils.

This is definitely a good island for small spaces, and it has 5 options to choose from.

3. Anukoy countertop island

Look at this CC

Like the previously mentioned kitchen island from LunaticasVillage, this piece has the same design in slightly nicer colors.

The latter also has a cleaner look, including creamy white or pink marble with pink marble trim. And that’s just 2 of the 4 major color options.

Modern, beautiful and well designed for any kitchen.

2. Bar Island Note

Look at this CC

A long island can be ideal for large kitchens and restaurants.

If this is what you need, look no further than this QC from NynaeveDesign.

It offers very good color combinations with 16 different colors.

The size of this S-shaped island allows it to hold twice as many items as other islands, making it perfect for all your catering needs.

Talk about too many cooks in the kitchen …. But this island would be a good reason to do so!

1. Frozen Grove countertop island

Look at this CC

ArwenKaboom takes a second look here and gives us an incredible kitchen island with this Frosty Grove island countertop.

It really has a beautiful finish with an amazing brittle brown base color. I would say that this particular CC island stands out from the rest.

Ideal for any quality kitchen, preferably open.

And with 4 different color options, this island will make everyone in your family want to copy your decorating style.

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