How to do Ascendant Challenge 2022

How to do Ascendant Challenge 2022

Ascendant Challenge is a community organized video game tournament with two main objectives: to bring players together to compete in a fun and friendly environment, and to promote the growth of the video game community in general. The next event will be happening in 2022, and there are a lot of changes planned for Ascendant Challenge, including new rules and host locations. To ensure that everything runs smoothly for everyone, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide outlining everything you need to know.

This year’s Ascendant Challenge, the annual competition where you complete various challenges and score points to show you’re the best, is almost here. However, if you’re new to the challenge, you may be wondering how best to go about it. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you out this year.

Ascension tasks are weekly tasks you can complete that take place in the City of Dreams, each week varying from location to location.

Since they are similar to bounties, you need to get a clue about their location and activate the instance before shooting them.

Players can do endgame advancement quests to get better equipment and raise their power level.

What is an uplink?

The Ascendant Challenge is a weekly reward that you can get if you get up early or late in the City of Dreams.

In the Dream City, you can receive these rewards, purchase an item to complete the promotion challenge, and receive rewards for completing these challenges.

Players find the Ascension challenge one of the best ways to get end-game gear and a good way to fight off caught enemies.

How do you call up an ascendant?

To begin the Ascendant challenge, you must first visit Petra Wenge, an NPC who gives orders in the City of Dreams.

Obtain a rising challenge (should be the first on the list) and you can search for your challenge.

You’ll also need the Queen’s Leaf Dye, a consumable you’ll need to open the portal for your Ascension challenge.

Once you’ve received your reward for the Ascendant challenge and the Queensfoil brew, it’s time to find out where the challenge will take place.

The description of the reward will usually give you a hint, but you can also check out our Ascendant challenge tracker to see what rotations we have in our Destiny 2 activity tracker.

Once you find the location of the Ascendant study, go ahead and make sure you use the Quincefuil tincture, as it will make your study portal visible.

If you are in the Ascendant challenge, all you have to do is pass the challenge and you will be rewarded.

Ascension Buff (Queensfoil Buff)

Many people mistakenly think that the Queen’s Infusion is an item that is only used when you reach the Ascender’s Portal challenge location.

To be fair, you can use it when you reach the starting area or almost before you reach it, as it is used to unlock secrets in the City of Dreams.

The best way to discover an ascension portal is to use an infusion of Queensfoil once you are in the starting area, as the ascension enhancement has a long duration of action.

All calls

All of Ascendant’s tasks are located in Dream City, so you don’t have to worry about looking for them elsewhere.

There are currently 6 different challenges that you can encounter, and the tasks in each are different depending on the higher level challenge.

Make sure you use the Queensfoil infusion to make the portal visible, so you don’t have to search for it later.

Cimmerian Garrison Improvement Challenge

The quest Rise of the Cimmerian Garrison is located in the Chamber of Starlight, a lost area of Reasylvia.

The portal is above where the two goblins are shooting at you in the star chamber. From the boss’ respawn point, you can jump or slide down the steps that appear.

To complete the task Rise of the Cimmerian Garrison, simply follow a long path that leads to several floating rocks that lead to a platform.

As soon as you reach the platform, enemies appear and you have to defeat them all to pass the test.

Ouroborea Ascendant challenge

To find the challenge of the Ouroborea Ascendant, go to the resting place of Aphelion, the lost sector of The Strand.

On your way to Aphelion’s Rest, you’ll easily see a portal along the way, but if you miss it, stand in front of the boss’ chest and turn around.

In the Ouroborea Ascendant challenge, you must destroy the crystals in the starting area, but to do that you must first search for the inferno.

There are several fires in the area that must be destroyed to remove the barriers protecting the shields.

Losing the Shrine Ascendancy challenge

The challenge of the Forsaken Shrine is in the Esila Gardens, a little further down the map from the City of Dreams.

To reach Esila Gardens head towards the beach and after leaving the beach turn right which will take you to the south side of the hill leading to the site.

The gate is behind the second mountain on the left as you enter the Esila Gardens, but be careful because you can fall and die.

In this task, you have to go around and collect the arc charges one by one and place the energy under the big dazzling ball.

After placing 3 arc charges, the center will be filled with energy and you must use it to defeat the enemies that appear and complete the task.

Shattered Ruins Rising Challenge

To find the Shattered Ruins challenge, travel to Backbone of Keres, north of Divalian Mists.

Follow the path forward to the first bridge, remember to use the Queensfoil potion before jumping down to see the hidden steps you can take.

You need to follow the steps or go around them if you can’t jump, and continue to the right until you see a portal in the distance.

There will be a large tower that you must climb, and a final boss that you must defeat to pass the test.

Maintain the upward call from the edge of the ground

To find the Polished Edge Warehouse, go to Reasylvia and enter the large building until you are past the statue.

Continue to the right and follow the path forward again until you reach the exit on the outside of the building.

You need to climb the statue on the platforms to the right before the exit (you need to use the Queensfoil brew), and climb the steps to the portal.

To complete this quest, follow the path to a series of knights where you must kill smaller enemies, then draw your sword to defeat them.

After defeating the knights, a glowing sphere appears, through which you must walk to the next area, which consists of a series of gorges that you must cross while dodging the large rocks.

At the end of some rocks you jump on there is a chest, and the challenge is solved when you open it.

Agonarch Abyss Ascendant Call

The location of the Agonarch Abyss Ascendant test is in the Bay of Drowned Desires, and you’ll find a portal just before you enter the final boss fight area.

A glowing sphere will appear that you have to follow until you reach the bottom, but be careful not to jump because this is a jumping puzzle.

There will be two bosses that you must defeat before there is a chest that you must open to complete the challenge.

You can also find all our lost area guides below:

Ascendant’s Race Prize

If you complete the Ascender quest, you will receive legendary gear and dark shards for each mission completed.

Legendary gear is random, and dark shards can be used for certain purchases at Petra Wenge in the City of Dreams.

In addition to the rewards at the end of the ascendant challenge, you can also receive other items during the challenge.


  • Gathering enough energy to use super powers when you’re about to face a challenge can be a big help when fighting powerful opponents.
  • You don’t have to take on the Ascendant challenge alone. Bring your friends if you need extra help to get by.
  • Upward calls change weekly and follow the same pattern in terms of location and type of call.
  • You don’t have to go through the lost sectors where the Ascendant quests are located, you just have to enter the portals and complete the quests.
  • You have a full week, from Monday to the end of the week, to make the decision to raise prices, which is enough time to do any transaction.


Advancement challenges are missions (bonuses) that you can get once a week from Petra Wenge and cost 1,500 mica.

Your Ascendant challenge expires one week after purchase, a new challenge will be available each week.

Rewards earned from completing the Ascension quest are used to purchase additional items from Petra Wenge, giving you more rewards and allowing you to use dark shards.

Ascending quests can be done at the very beginning of the game, once you have access to the City of Dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the ascendant Challenge This Week 2022?

The Ascendant Challenge is a variation on the popular Cabal Fight Club event, and is intended as a way to earn lots of XP and loot quickly, just for having a lot of fun. We’ve made some changes this year based on player’s feedback, so there is now a chance to get ascended weapons, and we’ve removed the increased chance for high-level mobs to spawn (in order to make things less chaotic). So, come join in the fun, and get that stat point! The ascendant challenge is a legendary event that occurs randomly in The Ascendant Realm. The ascendant challenge occurs on a different planet every time and lasts for one week. The goal of the ascendant challenge is to kill the ascendant, an extremely powerful boss that is considered the toughest foe in the game. The ascendant challenge was first introduced to the public in the year 2022 when Pearl Abyss, the developers of Black Desert Online, created a new planet called “Ascentia”.

How do you start the ascendant challenge?

The first thing you need to know about the ascendant challenge is that it is a difficult feat to accomplish. Each week of the challenge poses new obstacles in the form of modifiers, making the gameplay much harder. And since players who die during the challenge will lose their ascendant forms, it is highly recommended to have a high-level character before you start. The Ascendant Challenge is a game mode in which you fight a variety of powerful characters to gain new items and progress your way to the top of the ladder.

Where can I find the ascendant challenge?

It’s here! The new version of the popular “Ascendant Challenge” game, which is sweeping the nation! The new version is so popular that even celebrities are playing. Last week, Gwen Stefani was overheard playing a round in her dressing room before an award show, and word on the street is that the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” has formed teams and play together at lunchtime. This new version is different from the previous versions of the game, since you can now play with friends. While ascending in the game of the Path of Exile, players will face a lot of challenges, but one of the biggest is figuring out the correct sequence of quests. Questing is a huge part of most online games, and the developers of Path of Exile knew that players would need some kind of help with this, which is why they included a system of Quest Helpers. These nifty tools are activated by using a Quest Scroll on a map of the area you are in, and the Quest Scroll will give you the correct sequence of quests you must complete in order to be successful.

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