HP Pavilion 4SY34UA Laptop Review

HP Pavilion Laptop 4SY34UA

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Monetary valuation


Technical data and evaluation characteristics



  • Touch screen
  • Keyboard lighting
  • Decent work.
  • Large amount of RAM
  • USB Type-C port available


  • A bit expensive.
  • Backup battery could be better
  • Standard hard disk for storage
  • Does not allow the addition of a PCIe SSD
  • Does not have an FHD screen

Read the HP Pavilion 4SY34UA laptop review and see the price. HP Pavilion desktops and laptops are known for their usefulness in a variety of situations.

This article basically focuses on HP Pavilion so if you are looking for other laptop reviews and guides then visit the blog mentioned.

This is further enhanced by the touchscreen, which is exactly what this laptop offers.

This 15-inch laptop is very capable, and since it comes from a well-known brand, it is definitely reliable. Whether you are using it as a student or a professional, you will find that it is an excellent device.

The silver color gives it an elegant look, and you can’t say it’s boring. However, there are some things holding you back, such as B. The lack of an SSD as a storage medium, or provisions to add.

The hard drive offers plenty of space, but unfortunately is not fast.

Find out if this is the laptop you are looking for to meet your computing needs.

HP Pavilion 4SY34UA Laptop Prices and variations

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HP Pavilion 15.6 Touchscreen Laptop Alert Kit – 10. Generation Intel Core i7-1065G7 – 12 GB memory – 1 TB hard drive – $839.00.

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HP Pavilion 4SY34UA Notebook Overview

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Buy for: Good performance │ Touch screen support

Be careful. Somewhat expensive│no SSD

The best use: students accounting – engineers and others


With a touchscreen display and a feature-rich USB Type-C port, this HP Pavilion laptop will be useful for most of your computing tasks. But this is the device to choose if you have average to moderate requirements and nothing special.

Design and construction

The Pavilion 15 4SY34UA is close to the other members of the family, so you’ll find a familiar design.

It is a laptop with a 15.6-inch screen and weighs 1.85 kg.

Almost all other 15-inch laptops weigh about the same, so they’re neither too light nor too heavy to carry around.

The building is also decent, and again, nothing special.

The screen, as mentioned, can be operated with touch controls and the bezel is moderate on both sides.

The other options have thinner edges, but even that shouldn’t be a disadvantage.

Next is the keyboard, under which the Pavilion brand can be seen on the left and the B&O brand on the right.

It is a device with a numeric keypad, which allows you to work with many numbers.

The size of the font area is definitely reduced, but typing is still comfortable. The touchpad is also the right size.


The laptop uses an energy-efficient 8th generation Core i7 processor. Generation, which consumes only about 15 watts on average.

This means the battery lasts longer and you can work longer.

This is an 8-core quad-core processor, so it can handle daily work and multitasking no matter what you do.

The base clock frequency is 1.8 GHz, but can be increased to 4.0 GHz if needed.

That way, the laptop can do several things at once, even if some of them are heavy.

The integrated Intel 620 can’t do everything, but meets basic graphics needs well.

Since there is no dedicated GPU here, we rule out any possibility of serious gaming.

However, you can play some popular games on low settings, and most light games work on medium to high settings.

The screen only has HD resolution (1376 x 768p) and works accordingly.

It’s not calibrated that well for creative use and is a standard HD screen.

It’s a bit disappointing that even though users have to spend so much, HP didn’t include an FHD screen for this device.

The Windows 10 Home operating system is pre-installed in this Pavilion laptop.

Memory and RAM

This HP laptop comes with a 1 TB hard drive that provides plenty of space, and also offers the option of adding external storage drives.

It does not support PCIe SSDs, but you can replace your hard drive with a SATA SSD, which will improve storage responsiveness.

However, there is a feature known as Intel Optane memory, which means that the device’s drive is not as slow as another mechanical hard drive.

An SSD with 16MB cache is not as powerful as a regular SSD, but it does offer higher storage speeds.

Intel Optane memory fixes this and is even faster than PCIe SSDs in some situations.

The available memory is 8GB in one module and you can add another module. The maximum memory of the laptop is 16 GB.

This allows you to handle more workloads if needed, and a typical SODIMM RAM module shouldn’t cost much either.

Ports and connections

The laptop has several ports, all of which are necessary. Discover the best laptops for accounting students.

It includes 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and one USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port that offers many features such as charging and display support.

There’s also a dedicated HDMI port, so you can run the monitor through your laptop. There is also a standard LAN port, an SD card reader and a headphone/microphone jack.

This means that you have both WIFI and Bluetooth on this device, so you can easily connect to the wireless network and other devices.

WIFI 802.11 ac and Bluetooth 4.2 are not the latest versions, but they do the job.

Battery life

The 41Wh three-cell lithium-ion battery is not exceptional for a notebook of this type, but it provides enough power even when on the go.

Battery performance depends on usage, but on average it lasts more than 4 hours.

Now, charging, increasing the screen brightness, consumes the battery faster than it does.

It can be useful to leave them in place when they are not needed. The games you can play are not difficult, but can still reduce battery life.

Therefore, make sure the device is fully charged before using it for a long day.

Additional functions

Users receive the device and a 45-watt power adapter with the laptop.

This is a standard power cord, so don’t expect a fast charge.

It has an HD webcam, and the input quality is decent. Video calls with colleagues and customers should be easy.

The B&O tuned speakers are also good quality and while they don’t offer a cinematic experience, watching movies and videos is still a pleasure.


  • Brand: HP
  • Screen size: 15.6 inch
  • Display Type : HD (1376 x 768p)
  • Storage: 1 TB
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Bearing type : HDD
  • RAM type : DDR4
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8550U
  • Graphics: Intel 620 integrated graphics processor
  • Processor speed : 1.8 GHz, can be upgraded to 4 GHz.
  • Brand processor : Intel
  • Dimensions of the product: 36.16 x 24.56 x 1.79 cm
  • Operating System : Windows 10 Home

What do users think of the HP Pavilion 4SY34UA?

HP Pavilion 4SY34UA users seem to be satisfied with their purchase, as most of them left positive feedback about it.

They could use it for a variety of purposes and the device did not disappoint.

Various laptop features such as a touch screen, backlit keyboard, and USB Type-C port are required.

So those who bought it benefited greatly from it, and using the large screen for work or leisure was very convenient for them.

However, there are several objections, the first of which is the issue of guardianship.

The device only has one hard drive, which is not bad in terms of available storage, but it is slow.

The good news is that Optane memory, while not always as fast as SSDs, does benefit.

The next issue is the battery life, which is not very long. A larger battery might have made a better impression, but this look is not the same for all buyers.

Most were disappointed with the quality of the screen, which only has an HD resolution.

All average needs were well met, but there was nothing that the laptop couldn’t satisfy.

frequently asked questions

How good are HP Pavilion laptops?

The HP Pavilion 14 is an economical laptop for any buyer on a budget. It’s not a powerful machine, but it will get the job done as a powerful laptop for college or business.

Is the HP x360 Pavilion worth buying?

The latest HP Pavilion x360 comes close to a high-end laptop, with a powerful processor, a comfortable keyboard, and a good pair of Bang & Olufsen speakers for $749 (up from $499). … Nevertheless, the Pavilion x360 is a solid device for its price.

What is the best HP Pavilion laptop?

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