Cyberpunk 2077 is unlikely to perform well on PS4 and Xbox One

Everyone expected the Cyberpunk 2077 releases to have limitations for the defunct console generation. The severity of errors and accidents in underground work was astounding. You can also see the inventory from before the 1.21 update: Technically, not much has changed, CD Projekt RED is mainly concerned with replayability. However, the optimisation work must be continued vigorously, while errors must be corrected.

Improvements to date are based on compromise

In Night City, many dystopian scenarios must collide. The overpopulation of megacities is one example. At least, that’s how CD Projekt RED portrayed the setting before its release. With the exception of a few heavily populated areas – markets, for example – the streets and sidewalks in the finished game are almost empty. This could be described as a hasty response to the fire. This move shows the shortcomings of the PS4 and Xbox One S in particular: Processor performance.

NPC density: PS4

NPC density: Xbox X Series

PS4 Pro and Xbox One X as indicators: Although the latest generation of 4K refreshers is technically capable of much more, some things don’t add up here either. Compared to their predecessors, the systems excel in terms of resolution, texture detail and frame rate. The latter are still subject to strong fluctuations. In densely populated areas, it reached over 20 fps.

The reason for this is the massive imbalance between the graphics unit and the main processor since the original PS4 and Xbox One. The games were largely optimized for the multi-core capabilities of the consoles’ processors, so low clock speeds could be bypassed accordingly. In PC manufacturing, however, it was the other way around: more power at the expense of a higher clock speed rather than more cores.

The expansion of thePC is a challenge for the latest generation of‘s.

However, we are now seeing that more and more video games are actually using multi-core processors. Moreover, the platform is the main focus of development for many developers, as the market has grown significantly in recent years and the hardware of all systems has become very similar. Some time ago, remote controls had the upper hand.

However, parallel development requires a lot of resources that not all studios can handle, so a technical framework is carried during development. As a result, the performance potential is often not fully exploited. The controls, for example, sucked the Xbox One and PS4 hardware to the limit with their physics simulations and particle effects, and were constantly shaken up in battles.

Cyberpunk 2077 behaves very similarly: Calculations for AI and civilian animations significantly lower the frame rate, even in scenes without action, the dynamic lighting system causes jerks, especially when driving in first-person perspective. Most of the shortcomings can be attributed to the processing power of the processor.

The amazing performance of the Xbox Series S

The Xbox S series proves how modern Cyberpunk 2077’s Zen 2 architecture can be when combined with higher clock speeds. The game’s internal resolution is about the same as Counterpart One-X, but the framerate remains almost constant at 30fps, even with a large number of NPCs. The raw graphics power of the Xbox One X should actually put the console on par with the Xbox Series S or higher.

Compensation for possible performance delays is almost useless: The new generation of consoles also have faster memory. For Cyberpunk 2077, however, the speed of loading resources from the hard drive doesn’t matter. On a PC, a traditional hard drive is just as good as an SSD. My PS4 and Xbox One X already have internal SSDs. If it had made a difference, it would have been included in my test results already.

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